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Woven Placemats

Woven PlacematsClick to EnlargeWoven Placemats

Easy Care Vinyl in 10 Yummy Colors

When you want a contemporary look, these functional but elegant woven placemats are fantastic. Use with modern dishes or even mix it up with something more traditional. In these modern colors, woven placemats are an easy way to update your look. And even better they are woven plastic vinyl placemats which makes them easy care.

It figures these placemats are designed by Scandinavians who are so eco-conscious. Woven vinyl placemats last for a long time. Hence they are sustainable which makes us all better off. Save time, set a modern table and be green. What more could we want from woven placemats? Everything in one.

  • Choose from gray, white, anthracite, kiwi, blue, red, terracotta,light green, green and purple.
  • Wash in water or wipe off. Flexible pvc material.
  • Looking for palm Rattan Place Mats.
  • Maybe you need easy clean-up placemats try Plastic Placemats.
  • 13” x 18”

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    Ideas for Woven Placemats

    Vinyl placemats are one of those things that can be dressed-down but elegant for everyday or entertaining. Easy care does not have to be ugly. Elegant does not have to involve major labor and money for cleaning. You may decide to leave Grandma’s vintage linens in the linen closet, if you have an easy care, great looking alternative.
    When you go into a restaurant, these days the vinyl placemats are probably by Chilewich. Our woven placemats are a new Scandinavian alternative we found for use at home. The colors, shapes and material of these placemats are modern design at its best. The Scandinavians make cutting edge chairs and tables. Why not vinyl placemats? Think Norway, Denmark, Sweden or Finland overlooking a fjord or an Alvar Aalto building like the one to the right.

    Speaking of Scandinavian chairs, did you know Mr. Aalto designed stools are used in Apple stores all over the world. Next time you sit at the genius bar on a black lacquer stool, know it is an Aalto design. Woven placemats in contemporary colors are very Aalto. Pair with your own chairs and table for an easy way to get a Modern look.
    scandinavian design Aalto
    Alvar Aalto Studio, Helsinki (1954–56).

    Woven Placemats