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Waverly Swaying Palms Decorative Leaves Fabric

Waverly Swaying Palms Decorative Leaves FabricClick to EnlargeWaverly Swaying Palms Decorative Leaves Fabric

Inspired by The Beverly Hills Hotel Palm Leaves Interior Decor

If you love glamour, look no further. Our Tommy Bahama Waverly Swaying Palms decorative leaves fabric by is right out of Hollywood. Literally! The folks at Tommy Bahama and Waverly Fabric have created a dead ringer version of the famous Beverly Hills Hotel leaves pattern.

  • 54" wide Waverly Tommy Bahama Swaying Palms decorative leaves fabric for upholstery, curtains, bedding, drapes.
  • Available in indoor and outdoor fabric by the yard.
  • Waverly fabric.
  • REPEAT: Vertical - 27", Horizontal - 18".
  • Inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel. See image below.
  • For accents DIY or see our decorative throw pillows and unique shower curtains ready made in this decorative leaves fabric.

    See our ready made decorative throw pillows and http://www.decorativethings.com/fabric-shower-curtains.html">fabric shower curtains too!

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    55% linen, 45% rayon. Perfect upholstery fabric, drapery, bedding etc.

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    Waverly Swaying Palms Aloe - Untreated SwatchWaverly Swaying Palms Aloe - Untreated Swatch
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    Outdoor Fabrics LeavesOutdoor Fabrics Leaves
    Waverly Swaying Palms Aloe -Treated. 100% polyester. Use for outdoor or indoor. Fabric is sun resistant, water and oil repellent.

    Price: $16.50

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    Waverly Palm Leaves Decorative Fabric

    Do you miss the days of the elegant Beverly Hills hotel? It is hard not to miss banana leaves on the wallpaper, pink paint, the Polo Lounge and Marilyn Monroe in her chalet. The famous hotel was recently updated and this continues to be the chic style in 90210. Swaying Palms looks like the banana print in linen/rayon and allows you to create your own look in your home minus the eccentric bananas.

    The Beverly Hills Hotel is our reference for decorative leaves fabric but this decorative fabric pattern has been popping up all over. The eye catching cover of Bergdorf Goodman's fall catalog to the right is a perfect example. And then there have been rooms in House Beautiful and postings about the pattern on the blog Habitually Chic.

    When decorator Adam Tihany redid The Beverly Hills Hotel but he left the hotel's signature decorative leaves fabric pattern on the walls. If not, there might have been a decorating revolt.

    No matter if you are in New England or Beverly Hills, Tommy Bahama Swaying Palms decorative leaves fabric works. We spotted it this summer on bar stools in a chic Cape Cod spot. It's a timeless decorative fabric for upholstery for sunroom sofas, pool houses, patio chaises, decorative throw pillows for couches, bathroom shower curtains or wherever you want glamour and green indoors or outdoors.

    Why is Waverly Palm Leaves decorative fabric so versatile? One reason is it's available in two version and one is a treated Waverly fabric for outdoors like Sunbrella fabric that can be used indoors and out.

    At the Beverly Hills Hotel, the original inspiration for the Tommy Bahama Waverly Swaying Palms decorative leaves fabric, the fabric is used inside. Our decorative leaves fabric in a linen is perfect for indoor use too. Our outdoor version is treated to make it water repellent and it's the perfect indoor outdoor fabric.

    Choose the finish your prefer - with our without a water resistant finish. Surround yourself in green Waverly Swaying Palm Leaves Decorative Fabric for a jungle look. Think Tarzan, think Jane. This could be your Hollywood moment. Decorative fabrics can transform rooms. See our other Waverly fabrics too.

    See our info on how to measure fabric for upholstery, curtains, bedding.
    Waverly Swaying Palms
    Beverly Hills Hotel Shop Coffee Shop
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    Waverly Swaying Palms Decorative Leaves Fabric