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Trash Cans

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Bathroom Trash Cans & Tissue Box Covers

We offer the wooden bathroom wastebaskets or bathroom trash cans on this page, in many bathroom decor themes from floral to nautical.

  • Wood hand-painted trash cans.
  • Matching tissue box cover is available.
  • Trash cans are 12" high, 8" across top and 6" across the base.

    See our Tissue Box Cover selection, Mirrored Bath Accessories and Wicker Bathroom Decor Sets too

  • Match any bathroom accessories with our easy match wicker bathroom decor sets or solid colored trash cans. Don’t be afraid to play with texture like the wicker wastebaskets or the mirrored bathroom accessories.

    Pick out trash cans to meet your space and family’s wishes. Choose our calm chocolate brown slate matching wastebasket and tissue box. Don’t waste time looking for trash cans. Our trash cans can go under countertops, desks, and sinks.

    Trash Cans