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Spectre Bulldog Jacks

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James Bond Desk Accessories

Judi Dench’s character M in Skyfall uses one of the Royal Doulton Bulldog Jacks as a desk accessory. Thia quintessential bulldog with a Union Jack on his back is fondly called a Jack Bulldog. When M dies after a valiant fight in the James Bond movie Skyfall, she wills her bulldog Jack to 007 James Bond. We don’t know what he does with the Bulldog Jack until the 007 movie Spectre. There we see James Bond has one of the Spectre bulldog Jacks on his coffee table which serves as his desk as he solves the mystery of the Spectre James Bond movie. Shouldn't every James Bond lover have one of Royal Doulton’s Spectre Bulldog Jacks among his or her desk accessories?

Royal Doulton has made Bulldog Jacks since the 1800’s. Winston Churchill loved bulldogs. These ceramic Bulldog Jacks are a limited edition for the Spectre James Bond Movie. Be a part of British history and James Bond movie history with your own Bulldog Jacks.
  • Spectre Jack Bulldogs are 3.9" H x 3.2 Wide x 6.3 Deep.
  • Comes in a special box for Spectre.
  • Limited edition DD007M

  • Spectre Jack BulldogsSpectre Jack BulldogsLimited Edition Jack Bulldog. 3.9" H x 3.2 Wide x 6.3 Deep. Includes official Royal Doulton Spectre Box. Marked with reference number: DD 007M.

    Price: $99.00

    Spectre Bulldog Jacks for Home Decor

    I saw a British men's clothing shop window recently that had the words "Elegant Espionage" painted on it. The store was Turnbull and Asser an iconic British fashion label. James Bond and 007 movies are all about style. The Spectre Bulldog Jacks belonged in that window along with the great looking chic men's fashion. In the Spectre movie, James Bond has many toys. His cars are as they say to die for (literally). But our favorite is the Royal Doulton bulldog Jacks that M gave James Bond in Skyfall, the movie preceding Spectre. Bulldog Jacks look elegant as desk accessories or mantle décor. Judi Dench had hers on her desk at the office. James has his on his coffee table. Wherever you put Spectre Bulldog Jacks they will add a touch gravitas and elegance. Bulldog Jacks signify grit and strength to the British, just like James Bond, 007.

    Churchill loved bulldogs. Some say he looked like a bulldog. At age 17, he sold his bicycle to buy a bulldog. The Russians referred to him as the "British Bulldog." But in Britain Royal Doulton who had been making bullog Jacks since the 1940's issued all sorts of ceramic bulldogs to honor the military personnel from all the armed forces and Winston Churchill. Spectre Bulldog Jacks are the latest in a long line of Jack bulldogs created by Royal Doulton.

    Spectre Bulldog Jacks