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Peanut Bowl

Peanut BowlClick to EnlargePeanut Bowl

A Nut Bowl for Nuts & Shells

Ingenious! The idea of a 2 sided peanut bowl is not nuts. A double peanut basket let's you use one side for nuts like peanuts or pistachios and one side for the shells. It makes sense even though itís a nutty professor of an idea.

  • 11.5 L x 5" 1/4" x 4 1/2
  • Wood panels on the outside and inside bottoms of each basket peanut bowl make them sturdy.
  • See our other Nantucket Style kitchen decor for more party table decor.
  • Sorry this item is out of stock.

  • Peanut Bowl Peanut Bowl
    (Coming Soon) Nantucket Basket Style. 11.5 L x 5" 1/4" x 4 1/2 Wood panel on the bottom of each basket and on the inside bottom of each basket. Use for pistachios, peanuts, or any of your favorite nuts!

    Price: $79.99
    Peanut Bowl ShakerPeanut Bowl Shaker
    Shaker Basket Style. 2 baskets attached. See also our Nantucket basket version. 10"x 5" x 4.5" Diameter Use for pistachios, peanuts,or any nuts!

    Price: $79.99

    Gift Idea: Peanut Bowl

    Besides being a great party table decor idea, our peanut bowl is also a peanut basket. It comes in two styles, a Nantucket basket weave or a Shaker inspired weave.

    People love nuts in shells but peanuts and pistachios can be messy. A double nut bowl works for all sorts of nuts with shells. Every hostess should have a peanut bowl like this one. Or, if you are not nuts about nuts, use these pretty peanut baskets as snack dishes for other yummy snacks.

    The peanut crop in the South is strong. A peanut basket is a gift that uses the harvest well. It's a useful and unique gift the whole family can enjoy at Thanksgiving, Christmas, a party or everyday.

    In reporting the good news about the peanut crop one year, The New York Times remarked how ubiquitous peanuts are in the American household. 90% of American homes have peanut butter in their pantry. A peanut bowl makes a great holiday gift.

    Good Year for Farmers of Peanuts

    Peanut Bowl