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Paper Plates and Napkins Union Jack

Paper Plates and Napkins Union JackClick to EnlargePaper Plates and Napkins Union Jack

Long Live the Queen

These paper plates and napkins are good enough for royalty. Use these Union Jacks to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee or have a Downton Abbey party. Union Jack party decor is all the rage. Americans have a severe case of Anglomania. It’s nothing new. When King George V and Queen Elizabeth I came to America to visit the Roosevelts, Americans followed every step. Eleanor Roosevelt served the royal couple hot dogs. Eleanor was criticized by American “Society” but the Royals loved it. Don’t be afraid to use paper plates and napkins for party table decor, no matter who’s coming to dinner. They make clean up easy and look festive. With paper, you can surprise your guests by changing your party décor to match any occasion. Think of Eleanor Roosevelt and the Queen when you use these fine quality paper plates and napkins.

  • Square salad or dessert plates are 7 1/4".

  • 20 Napkins Luncheon Union Jack20 Napkins Luncheon Union Jack
    Price: $12.00

    Paper Plates and Napkins Union Jack