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Paper Plates and Napkins Flag

Paper Plates and Napkins FlagClick to EnlargePaper Plates and Napkins Flag

Wave the Flag Party Decor

GO USA!!! What's your sport? Equestrian, running, pole vaulting. Root for the USA while sipping on a good old American Coca Cola, lemonade or other beverage in our GO USA cups. Add some GO USA napkins, flag paper plates and napkins and you've got a gold medal party going. See also our Union Jack flag party decor.

Town & Country's current issue about the girls competing in the equestrian Olympic events is a good read. They ask why these "rich girls" want to take such risk. We'd say rich or poor, girls just wanna have fun! Invite the girls and the boys over and tune in to cheer for the stars and stripes. As our paper plates and napkins and cups say, GO USA!

  • Square dinner plates are 10 1/4" x 10 1/4". Square salad or dessert plates are 7 1/4".

  • 40 Paper Napkins Lunch Flag40 Paper Napkins Lunch Flag
    Price: $14.99

    16 Paper Plates Salad Flag16 Paper Plates Salad Flag
    Price: $12.99

    Flag Party Table Decor Ideas

    There are a lot of occasions that cry out for Amrican flag paper plates and napkins. Memorial day kicks it off. Then there is Flag day on June 14th. After that comes the Fourth of July and Labor Day. Besides the every year holidays, there are special events like election day parties, and the Olympics.

    Flag paper plates and napkins are inspiring paper party decor. They make you want to give three cheers for the red white and blue. Sometimes people enjoy singing patriotic songs at parties because almost everyone knows the words to Yankee Doodle and our National Anthem. Singing and great party decor will make your party fun and memorable.

    Paper Plates and Napkins Flag