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Ortigia Musk

Ortigia MuskClick to EnlargeOrtigia Musk

Ortigia for Men too!

This Ortigia fragrance is the favorite of men who like Ortigia. The Ambra Nera scent is a combination of resin and spice wood in an amber base that includes oak musk. Even guys who have never heard of Ortigia, will love these natural bath and beauty products. The Ortigia packaging is pretty irresistible. Latin lovers know what they are doing. Think about Italian men like Gianni Agnelli, Marcello Mastroianni....or even George Clooney in his Lake Como retreat.

Ortigia Ambra Nera shower gel, scented soaps, diffusers, natural shampoo hair products and room spray make wonderful gifts for men or women. Lots of people like to try a new fragrance but they just don't want anything frou frou. The Italian products people who create Ortigia bath and beauty products and hair products understand that need.

  • Natural perfume, natural ingredients, natural colors.
  • See our more feminine Ortigia products too.

  • Ortigia Musk Scent DiffuserOrtigia Musk Scent Diffuser
    Reed diffusers with natural essential oils. Spice, amber and musk scent. 3.38 fluid ozs. Sticks are 7 inches tall.

    Price: $78.00

    Ortigia Musk Scent Hand CreamOrtigia Musk Scent Hand Cream
    A thick protective hand cream. Made with olive oil and lanolin. Scent is an amber musk perfume. 2.7 fluid ozs.

    Price: $32.00

    Ortigia Musk Scent Body LotionOrtigia Musk Scent Body Lotion
    An amber, spice musk scent. Hand lotion or body lotion. Enriched with lanolin and olive oil. Pump bottle. 10 fluid ozs.

    Price: $65.00

    Ortigia Musk PerfumeOrtigia Musk Perfume
    An amber base with oak musk perfume. Warm and rich. 3.4 fluid ozs.

    Price: $110.00

    Ortigia Musk Scent Room SprayOrtigia Musk Scent Room Spray
    Musky scent with amber and spicel Use for room spray and also on linens. 3.4 fluid ozs.

    Price: $58.00

    Ortigia Musk Scent Shaving GelOrtigia Musk Scent Shaving Gel
    Lightly scented, moisturizing, lightly foaming shaving gel for a smooth shave. Tube. 2.7 fl. ozs.

    Price: $25.00

    Ortigia Musk Scent AftershaveOrtigia Musk Scent Aftershave
    Light aftershave infused with a spicy amber and musk perfume. 3.4 fluid ozs.

    Price: $70.00

    Ortigia Musk Scent Bath SaltsOrtigia Musk Scent Bath Salts
    1 pound 100% natural Sicilian sea salts and natural perfume. Relaxing bath salts that dissolve in water. Moisturizer and skin soother in one.

    Price: $38.00

    Ortigia Musk Scent ShampooOrtigia Musk Scent Shampoo
    Rich formula with warm Sicilian amber and musk scent. 3.4 fl. Ozs.

    Price: $14.99

    Ortigia Musk Scent Hair ConditionerOrtigia Musk Scent Hair Conditioner
    An enriching hair conditioner with warm Sicilian amber and musk scent. 3.4 fl. ozs. in tube.

    Price: $18.99

    Ortigia Musk Scent Shampoo & Cond SetOrtigia Musk Scent Shampoo & Cond Set
    Shampoo and Conditioner Set. 3.4 fluid ozs of each.

    Price: $28.99

    Ortigia Musk Scent Body WashOrtigia Musk Scent Body Wash
    Foaming translucent body wash or shower gel. Amber perfume in pure liquid glycerine. 8.5 fluid ozs.

    Price: $40.00

    Ortigia Musk Scent Bar SoapOrtigia Musk Scent Bar Soap
    1.41 oz of pure glycerine bar soap.

    Price: $12.99

    Ortigia Musk Scent Liquid SoapOrtigia Musk Scent Liquid Soap
    Pure liquid glycerine soap enriched with olive oil. Amber and musk scent. Pump. 10 fluid ozs.

    Price: $44.99

    Ortigia Musk