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Note Cards

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Decorative Thank You Note Cards

Distinctive fine stationery note cards make the sender and the recipient feel equally good. There's nothing better than real mail in the mailbox.

Keep a handy box of blank note cards on your desk. Stand out from the crowd with a decorative or monogrammed fine stationery note card instead of an email. Email, Twitter and Facebook fans are great but don't you still love getting old-fashioned snail mail on a colorful stationery note card?
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  • Fine Stationery Note Cards for Letters and Desk Decor

    Fine stationery note cards send a message inside and out. We've selected stationery notecards with lots of decorative motifs you can make into your own signature. Paper stationery is still a lovely thing even in the day of emails.

    Fine stationery note cards are not just pragmatic they can add decorative design to your desk and/or office. Make your desk look chic with our stationery note cards unique designs and envelopes. Whether you purchase fine stationery note cards monogrammed or some of our animal themed correspondence cards, this simple addition can bring all the paper products on your desk together.

    Here are some things to remember about handwritten notes:

    A handwritten note on a fine stationery note card has poignant power and is an expressive outlet different from other forms of communication today.

    Design is important when choosing stationery note cards because it is a reflection of you and your interests.

    Thank-you notes are extremely important in our society when following up personally or on job interviews.

    Fine Stationery note cards are practical gift that everyone can use.

    Another tip: Compliment your correspondence with a dash of your favorite fragrance to create a full sensory experience for the recipient.

    Fine stationery note cards make a lovely gift for him or her.

    Note Cards