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Mirrored Vanity Tray

Mirrored Vanity TrayClick to EnlargeMirrored Vanity Tray
Vanity Trays to Mirror Your Trinkets Mirror, mirror on the table where should I put you today? Mirrored vanity trays have a million and one uses. In the bedroom a mirrored vanity tray is a pretty dresser tray for your cufflinks, watch and other jewelry. If you fill a little mirrored vanity tray with flowers or jam jars in the kitchen or dining room, you instantly add color just by magnifying nature. A mirrored tray on the bar with lemons & limes is less expected than an ordinary bowl, and reflects the yellows and greens. The best thing about using mirrored trays for entertaining is they look great even when empty. But they are not just decorative accessories for bedrooms and bathrooms. Mirrored vanity trays are a lovely decorative accent in any room of your home.

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  • Mirrored Vanity Tray Decorating Ideas:

  • Fill a mirrored vanity tray with knot cufflinks from Charvet and put it on your dresser. If you are married or living with someone, have his and her trays so you don't need to share.
  • Use a mirrored vanity tray as a petit tray for by your bed to hold eyeglasses and watches at night. That way you know where these essentials are at all times. It keeps things organized. You may even sleep better.
  • Fill a mirrored vanity tray with Belgian chocolates in a guest bedroom. This is always a suprise in a private home. It doesn't have to be fancy truffles. Simple chocolate kisses are always a fun treat.
  • Fill a mirrored vanity tray with tea from Laduree in Paris for breakfast in bed. See our Laduree paper plates and napkins if you want to create a themed breakfast or snack tray.
  • Make a mirrored vanity tray your dresser tray for lotions and potions. With this little decorating trick, things won't start to look like the drug store.
  • Make a mirrored vanity tray your perfume tray. This is a very Parisian thing to do.

  • Mirrored Vanity Tray