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Dish Towels

Dish TowelsDish Towels
Dish Towels from The Italian Countryside

Dish towels made by the Busatti family are so popular in Italy that the family recently opened a store on The Spanish Steps in Rome. We've imported their dish towels and aprons for you.

The ticking stripe cotton dish towels are woven in Umbria in the Italian countryside. Like many Italian traditions and products, these are dish towels that are made to last and get better with age. Cotton ticking stripe fabric is casual and accessible but at the same time elegant.

  • Choose from the the ticking stripe kitchen towel colors below.
  • Hand woven in Italy on ancient Italian looms.
  • Dish Towels sold individually.
  • See our matching kitchen apron.

  • Price: $25.00
    Dish Towels - BlueDish Towels - Blue
    Price: $25.00

    DishTowels - PinkDishTowels - Pink
    Price: $25.00

    Dish Towels- BlackDish Towels- Black
    Price: $25.00

    Dish Towel, Kitchen Towel Inspiration:

    Dish towels can be as American as Apple Pie. In her book, Apronisms, EllynAnne Geisel writes: "Hang a Fresh Dish Towel and your kitchen will look neater and cleaner, even when it isn't!"

    EllynAnne says: "This small piece of fabric anchors the space, giving a kitchen a sense of focus and orderliness I find uplifting."

    Dish Towels for Kitchen Accessories, Kitchen Decor:

    Dish towels make lovely shower gifts, housewarming gifts or hostess gifts. As EllynAnne points out, they help jazz up kitchen decor as well as being a gift most people can use.

    Our ticking stripe dish towels were the favor at a birthday party in Italy. The hostess gave the guests their choice of color and we all just loved them. The next day we toured the countryside to visit the cathedrals and murals of Piero della Francesca and afterwards visited the shop of the family that has loomed extraordinary textiles since the 1800s including our ticking stripe dish towels. We all stocked up on various textiles like aprons and dish towels and I arranged to import the dish towels and kitchen aprons for decorativethings.com. You will find that these dish towels are not only beautiful but they last forever.

    In case you were wondering about what others call "towels to dry dishes":

    Italians call dish towels: straccio per i piatti

    The French call dish towels: torchons

    The British call dish towels: tea towels

    Dish Towels