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Kenneth Jay Lane Pearls and Beads

Kenneth Jay Lane Pearls and BeadsClick to EnlargeKenneth Jay Lane Pearls and Beads

First Ladies Wear Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry

From Jackie to Barbara to Michelle, pearls are always in style. Even Caroline wears them in many of her speeches. Kenneth Jay Lane pearls and beads cross generations and parties. We've got black pearls, blue pearls, coral beads, silver beads, gold beads, red necklaces, crystal necklaces you name it. There's enough variety to fill your jewelry drawer with Kenneth Jay Lane pearls and beads. Wear a different color every day of the week or pick your signature pearls.

  • Fabulous Faux Kenneth Jay Lane bubble pearls.
  • Colored and clear "pearls" are resin.
  • Metal is plated.
  • White pearls are really pearls! Very Chanel like.

  • Kenneth Jay Lane Black PearlsKenneth Jay Lane Black Pearls
    Price: $126.00

    Kenneth Jay Lane Gold Beads ChokerKenneth Jay Lane Gold Beads Choker
    Price: $200.00

    Kenneth Jay Lane Coral BeadsKenneth Jay Lane Coral Beads
    Price: $126.00

    Kenneth Jay Lane Blue PearlsKenneth Jay Lane Blue Pearls
    Price: $120.00

    Kenneth Jay Lane Bubble Pearls Clear Kenneth Jay Lane Bubble Pearls Clear
    Price: $120.00

    Kenneth Jay Lane Silver BeadsKenneth Jay Lane Silver Beads
    Price: $53.00

    Pearls Extra Large w DropsPearls Extra Large w Drops
    Price: $120.00

    Pearls LargePearls Large
    Price: $100.00

    Kenneth Jay Lane Pearls: Michelle Obama is clearly a first lady who loves color and designer accessories. Her pearls are one of her signatures. As The New York Times said, "She Dresses to Win."

    Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry, especially his turquoise beads or pearls take you where YOU need to go. Mrs. Obama isn't the first First Lady to wear pearls. Jackie Kennedy and Barbara Bush famously wore Kenneth Jay Lane's pearls. But you don't have to be a first lady to wear Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry. Countless other glamorous women wear Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry. Kenneth Jay Lane's turquoise beads and pearls are especially popular designer accessories.

    Jackie Kennedy was another fan of: Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry .

    On the home page of Barbara Bush's Foundation there is a lovely shot of Barbara reading to children in her signature Kenneth Jay Lane pearls.

    In case you ever meet the First Lady, we've copied the official etiquette below. But don't worry too much, Mrs. Obama seems very real. Afterall, she did hug the Queen of England.
    Michelle Obama
    "When meeting the first lady in person, you address her as "Mrs." plus her last name. It would not be appropriate to address her as "Mrs. First Lady," "Mrs. President," or to use her first name."

    Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry Gifts for Women

    Pearls and other Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry pieces are a lovely gift for women. Women of all ages love Kenneth Jay Lane pearls. A bride's best friend? Her pearls!

    Kenneth Jay Lane Pearls and Beads