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Keller Charles Decorative Trays

Keller Charles Decorative TraysClick to EnlargeKeller Charles Decorative Trays

From Berry Bowls to Botanical Trays

Set a pretty table with Keller Charles decorative trays. Choose from peonies and hydrangeas, Italian Pottery and more pretty looks for casual entertaining. Who needs the Chelsea Flower show when you have an array of Keller Charles Decorative Trays in your pantry? Keller Charles Decorative Trays have such fresh looks you can skip a year of the Flower Show circuit.

  • Melamine trays in many sizes.
  • And our Decorative Trays.
  • Or see our Keller Charles Decorative Holiday Trays.

  • Keller Charles Decorative Trays Green Chip N DipKeller Charles Decorative Trays Green Chip N Dip
    14" Round Chip N Dip

    Price: $18.99

    Keller Charles Trays SedonaKeller Charles Trays Sedona
    Melamine Tray 22" x 15". Dishwasher safe.

    Price: $24.99

    Decorative Ideas for Decorative Trays

    It’s no wonder that Keller Charles Decorative Trays are a permanent fixture of the Philadelphia flower show, closer to home. Have your own flower show with a mix of pretty Keller Charles decorative trays. Every year there’s a whole new collection coming up prettier than the last. The versatile melamine trays you need in the selection come in a lot of appealing sizes and shapes.
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    Need a more elegant dining room table?

    Bring out your plates fashionably with these Keller Charles decorative trays. Keller Charles provides a few different sizes of decorative trays so your delicious cooking is laid out perfectly as you bring it to the table. A Keller Charles decorative tray may be positioned neatly on the table and helps to add to the decorative setting. After dinner put the dishes back onto the decorative tray and take it to the kitchen for easy cleanup.

    Convey brilliant color at each meal with these Keller Charles decorative trays. The smooth melamine surface stands out with floral, animal, and beach designs. The smooth surface of melamine does not reflect light and is virtually break and spill proof.

    Keller Charles decorative trays can be used indoors or outdoors because they are so sturdy and light. These Keller Charles decorative trays come in a variety of colors whether you need to match subdue, bright, or earthy colors. These decorative trays can match the Keller Charles plates and placemats. However, Keller Charles warm tones can really match any dinnerware. Soft light colors help to complete the floral scheme one may have in their dinnerware.

    These Keller Charles decorative trays come with handles on certain designs and without them on others. For more types of tray shapes checkout out our decorative trays.

    In addition to Keller Charles decorative trays, we’ve got pretty Decorative Plastic Plates, sassy serving bowls, attractive plastic glasses and coordinating beverage napkins to match our Keller Charles decorative trays. Get in on the fun with melamine items from Keller Charles.

    Keller Charles Decorative Trays