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Keep Calm and Carry On Christmas Ornaments

Keep Calm and Carry On Christmas OrnamentsClick to EnlargeKeep Calm and Carry On Christmas Ornaments

Keep Calm and Carry On Holiday Decor

Decorative Holiday decor with an exclusive royal touch: King George VI's crown and the historic Keep Calm and Carry On message from the British Ministry of Information's WWII posters that's so relevant for today's times. A Keep Calm and Carry On ornament will add empathy to your tree for years to come. It's shatterproof!

A bloke doesn't have to go into the royal vault to buy this decorative holiday decor. Each decorative holiday ornament is $10 and if you buy 12, we'll send you one free!


  • Exclusively ours!
  • Comes in decorative holiday gift box. See photo below.
  • Dimensions: 3" diameter, 10" circumference. Gold top.

  • Decorative Holiday Decor With Empathy

    Every year Rockefeller Center has a Christmas tree. Like the Keep Calm and Carry On slogan, the Christmas tree has a history. The first year there was a Christmas tree in Rockefeller center was 1931. A balsam tree was brought to the site where the excavation of the building was being started and where the workers lined upon Christmas eve. to receive their paychecks. It was the Depression-era so the tree probably meant even more than ever to those workers. The tree was decorated with tinsel. We offer you our Keep Calm and Carry On Christmas tree ornaments to decorate your tree in the memory of that year and the perspective and inspiration it brings for us all to Keep Calm and Carry On.
    Keep Calm and Carry On Ornament
    The Depression ended but the tree decorating tradition continued. Six weeks before Christmas every year, a tree, accompanied by a police escort, is delivered to midtown Manhattan before the 8 AM rush hour. The city synchronizes all the traffic lights along its route and provides a police escort to expedite things. Riggers and heavy transport equipment are on the site and the tree is erected on a platform where it adds decorative delight to New York City until after the New Year.

    Over the next week, carpenters work to anchor the tree and repair any damaged boughs. 25 electricians haul 20,000 lights on miles of wire to decorate the tree which towers over the Rockefeller Center Skating Rink. Then there is a tree lighting ceremony. New Yorkers love to see the decorated tree and so do visitors who come to NYC just to visit the tree.

    After the holiday, every year since 1971, Rockefeller Center's Christmas tree has been chipped for mulch, recycled and sent back to the earth from where it came. The tradition carries on.

    More Holiday Decor Ideas

    Decorating with Keep Calm and Carry On holiday ornaments is an empathetic way to do your decorative holiday decor this year. Decorative home decor has always reflected the times, especially at holiday time. A Christmas tree decorated with red Keep Calm and Carry On ornaments makes an empathic decorative statement. It's not overdone. The Keep Calm and Carry On a message is as relevant today as it was during WWII, so it probably won't go out of style (or break, because our Keep Calm and Carry On ornaments are shatterproof!). And in addition to using them for your own decorative holiday decor, a Keep Calm and Carry On ornament makes a great gift at $10.
    Each product ordered comes with a History of Keep Calm and Carry On card.Keep Calm and Carry On

    Keep Calm and Carry On Christmas Ornaments