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Jan Constantine Decorative Pillows

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British Style Decorative Throw Pillows

A walk around the poshest shops of London makes it very clear that Union Jack decorative throw pillows are all the rage in the UK. On a recent trip to England, today's British home decor felt especially chic and cutting edge. We import our Union Jack decorative throw pillows from the UK for you. It's almost as good as a shopping trip to London. We first discovered our British decorative throw pillows collection on a sofa in the Home Decor department at Selfridges in London. Throw pillows like these are the perfect accessories to bring that English decorating look across the Pond to you.

The English designer who we import these throw pillows from, Jan Constantine, says she cannot keep them in stock. It's no wonder. They are truly special, unique pillows. They are made of linen and wool, embroidered with gold thread and even signed with the designer's initials. They belong in Buckingham Palace. The designer only made so many so they are limited edition collector's items. Even after the royal wedding, our Jan Constantine pillow is a keeper for British culture lovers.

Our decorative pillows with bulldogs are inspired by designer Mario Buatta. At a lecture on decorating he said that putting pictures of real flowers in home decor was like putting real flowers in a house and he said the same was true for dog paintings and other decorative accessories with dog motifs.
  • Designed by British home designer Jan Constantine.
  • Our royal wedding decorative accent pillow is a special edition accent pillow designed for William and Kate by British designer Jan Constantine.

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    British Decorative Throw Pillows

    Just as Americans decorate by collecting things around us that we are fans of like memorabilia from our favorite sports teams or photos of politicians, the English love their cultural references too. British decorative throw pillows often includes Union Jacks, images of the Queen's corgi dogs and images of the Queen Herself. These British decorative throw pillows have many favorite English decorating motifs. Throw one on your sofa and make it fit for an American king or queen, you! Our English decorative throw pillows would be at home in an English country cottage, a flat in Kensington or Mayfair, a palace, or a castle. It's fun to give your home a little English touch with a few authentic English decorative accessories. The throw pillows are designed by British textile designer Jan Constantine who says she is trying to “evoke memories of the swinging sixties in a quirky, updated way.” Jan Constantine decorative throw pillows are hand embroidered decorative pillows. Applique, cross stitch and blanket stitch are all used to make them. Each Jan Constantine decorative pillow is made with natural textiles. These Union Jack decorative throw pillows are truly works of art. The Queen inspires English decorating in many ways. Her attention to her homes may be one of them. There are many royal residences. You can take tours of them on the Queen's website. They include: Buckingham Palace in London which is the administrative home of the Queen and where many important state functions and family occasions like Christenings are held. It is decorated with priceless works of art but the Queen is quick to point out that it is not a museum.

    The Queen spends most weekends at Windsor Castle. The castle is perhaps where English decorating was invented. It has been in use for over 900 years and is the largest occupied castle in the world. Certain parts of Windsor Castle are open to the public including Queen Mary's doll house which is an amazing English decor feat. All of the decorations were made by British craftsmen. They are painstaking reproductions of the original home decor and decorations like clocks, desks, kitchen decor, bedrooms. There is even a garden. The library of the doll house has miniature books with real writing in them donated by all the authors of the period.With these embroidered pillows, you will feel like you are adding a royal touch to your sofa, couch or bed. They work as a set or on their own. Thereís nothing common about these beautifully embroidered pillows with the King and Queen of Hearts. You could say they are fit for a King or Queen.

    Climb into bed with your king or queen anytime, even when you feel like throwing a pillow at them. These embroidered pillows wonít talk back. Remind everyone that YOU are the ďKing, or Queen, of EverythingĒ in your home.

    Whether you use these Jan Constantine embroidered pillows for the bed, sofa or couch, they are fit for a throne. Queen of Hearts and King of Hearts pillows are perfect for curling up with at naptime or bedtime, or just for making the bed, couch or sofa look great.

    Jan Constantine's pillows are some of the most interesting decorative throw pillows on the market today. Besides Decorative Things, they are found in the UK at Selfridges carries and in the USA at Bergdorf Goodman. Jan Constantine decorative accessories have been discovered by discriminating retailers and their customers for their wonderful quality and designs. Enjoy your Jan Constantine embroidered pillows and know you are in good company. Jan calls them "the heirlooms of tomorrow."

    The English have shown their love for the Queen in other ways than English decorating lately. In June 2012, the country celebrated Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee for 60 years on the throne. Her majesty is Britainís longest reigning monarch since Queen Victoria. The reign is remarkable not just for its length but for her devotion and the quality of her service. She has consulted with every Prime Minister since Winston Churchill. We hope that in 2015 we will be able to celebrate her reign surpassing that of Queen Victoria. Long May She Reign! Here's a video from UTube showing the Queen at one of the British Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

    English Decorating Windsor Castle
    English Decorating Windsor Castle
    English Decorating Buckingham Palace
    English Decorating Buckingham Palace

    See also our Keep Calm and Carry On Union Jack poster. Place Union Jack decorative throw pillows directly in the center of your couch which is where the eye goes first when looking at a couch and sometimes the room itself. Union Jacks look great in all sorts of places.
    Union Jack Cushion

    Jan Constantine Decorative Pillows