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Plastic Dishes

Plastic DishesPlastic Dishes

Clear Plastic Dishes
If you need to use plastic, make it the creme de la creme. Our clear and colorful plastic dishes are made in France by the famous French glass manufacturer La Verrerie de Biot in the town of Biot near Cannes and Antibes. La Verriere de Biot, glass is to glass what St. Louis and Baccarat are to crystal. And now they make plastic dishes! The plastic is clear and even replicates the glass bubbles that make Biot dishes famous.

Biot is a wonderful place to visit while traveling in the south of France, but in the meantime, if you need some clear plastic plates, (plastic dinner plates or plastic dessert plates), plastic salad bowls, plastic serving bowls, plastic wine glasses or plastic pitchers, we've imported them for you.

La Verriere de Biot
Plastic Dishes

Plastic Dishes