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Fox Stuffed Animal for Stuffed Animal Collectors

Fox Stuffed Animal for Stuffed Animal CollectorsClick to EnlargeFox Stuffed Animal for Stuffed Animal Collectors

Inspired by The Little Prince

We were inspired by The Little Prince book and movie to find homes for these adorable stuffed animals. This fox stuffed animal is a good reminder of the wisdom of the fox in The Little Prince book. The fox in the book comes to The Little Prince and asks The Little Prince to tame him. The Little Prince asks the fox what tamed means. The Little Prince says it “means to create ties.” He tells The Little Prince that making ties is the way to make a friend. A fox stuffed animal is easy to tame. Make one your friend.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the author of the Little Prince, explains the nature of taming a fox best. So, if you are giving the fox stuffed animal to a little friend of yours, to be sure he or she understands the responsibility.You may want to give a gift of The Little Prince book along with the fox stuffed animal.
  • 10 Inch fox stuffed animal by Jelly Cat of London.
  • An adorable soft fox stuffed animal that has appeal for all ages.
  • Pair the fox stuffed animal with the Little Prince book for an extra treat.

  • Fox Stuffed AnimalFox Stuffed Animal
    10 Inch. Super soft plush fox. Suitable from birth. 100% polyester. Handwash.

    Price: $24.99

    Gifts for Kids

    Our fox stuffed animal is a very soft & cuddly fox stuffed animal. From The Little Prince movie to Mr. Fox by Wes Anderson, the fox is a favorite animal and hence a favorite stuffed animal. Fox toys are meant to connote wisdom. Fox plush is good for all ages. In short, a fox stuffed animal has appeal for lots of reasons.

    In The Little Prince book, the fox tells the Little Prince that part of making ties was just spending time together. Spending time with this stuffed animal fox will make him your friend. But remember what the fox said, “You become responsible for what you tame.” So if you tame this fox stuffed animal, you will be responsible for him. This should be a pleasure since this fox stuffed animal is adorable and wise.

    When you read The Little Prince book to a child, a fox stuffed animal can be fun to have since the fox part of the story is so important. In the book, the fox teaches the Little Prince that you can’t love all roses, but you can love one special rose. This wisdom makes The Little Prince miss his special rose even more but he is happy to understand what love and friendship are to people and animals. And he is happy to have the Fox as his friend. You and your little friends will be happy to have a fox stuffed animal for a friend too..

    The movie The Little Prince and the Fox illustrates the friendship between The Little Prince and the fox beautifully. Fox stuffed animals are great gifts for kids who have read The Little Prince book or seen the movie.

    Fox toys are wise gifts for children and adults under lots of circumstances. They make great gifts for a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. A fox stuffed animal is a good birthday gift for girls or boys. It’s not a doll that only girls can appreciate. Boys like fox toys too. Foxes are strong and wise animals. There is nothing too girlish about them. Fox stuffed animals are great gifts for all ages.

    If you usually give a Valentines teddy bear, why not try a fox stuffed animal this year? Valentines Day stuffed animals don’t have to be bears! Fox plush can be a unique gift for women, gifts for kids or men. A fox stuffed animal is an all-around wise gift.

    A fox toy may be something different for your family. It’s a little bit different than the usual teddy bear or baby doll. At Christmas, it’s fun to find a fox stuffed animal under the Christmas tree. After all, a fox is a woodlands animal. You may even want to think of a cuddly and soft fox stuffed animal as part of your Christmas decor.

    Fox Stuffed Animal for Stuffed Animal Collectors