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English Tea Party

English Tea PartyClick to EnlargeEnglish Tea Party

Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II with an English Tea Party

We were inspired to gather our English tea party supplies by all the parties for the Queens Diamond Jubilee for 60 years of reign in 2012. It's always a good time to celebrate her Majesty with an English tea party. The Queen has much to be celebrated for since she is England's longest reigning British monarch except for Queen Victoria. We hope that in 2015 we can celebrate her surpassing Queen Victoria with more English tea parties.

Choose from paper plates and napkins, tablecovers, party favors, and more English tea party supplies. There's plenty of the Queen's favorite Royal Stewart plaid and Union Jacks on our party table decor. We've got inspiring tea party supplies and decorations for you to have an English tea party, street party or dinner party.

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English Tea Party Ideas

Jubilees don't come that often but Queen Elizabeth II's birthdate is April 21, 1926. Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II in a royal manner. Why not have an English tea party birthday party for the Queen?

Another popular tea party time is when Downton Abbey is on. An English tea party is an easy way to have the gang over to watch the show.

In case you are wondering what to serve, besides English tea of course, the Joy of Baking website has some delicious recipes for scones, tea sandwiches and more totally English tea party food.

And as we said above, it's always a good time to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II with a party. The Queen is an amazing personality. When Queen Elizabeth II became queen in 1952 at the age of 25, she was ready for the job and it wasn't just from giving an English tea party or two. Groomed by her father, George V, she had been a mechanic during WWII and had traveled around the British empire as her father’s representative. She was ready to greet foreign heads of state and to meet with her own Prime Minister and House of Commons. Churchill was immediately impressed by her and they became fast friends having weekly meetings ( probably with some English tea being served on some occasions) as she has done with all the subsequent Prime Ministers. Queen Elizabeth clearly takes her role seriously. She doesn’t miss a day of doing her paperwork and keeping up with her duties.

At the Queens coronation, Churchill said she was “a fair and youthful figure…the heir to all our traditions and glories.” He also said she was assuming her postion at a time when mankind was “ tormented” and expressed hope that she would be a “signal for…a brightening salvation of the human scene.” Queen Elizabeth II had a lot of responsibility at a young age. She has worn it well. The fans showing up and tuning in to the Queens Jubilee will not be disappointed. The royal Jubilee 2012 festivities which included, parades, and flotilla, concerts, and English tea parties were fascinating to observe.

Queen Elizabeth is also a serious horsewoman and loves dogs. She even likes to read as conjectured in Alan Bennett’s book The Reader. Another ineresting book, if you are a Queen Elizabeth fan, is Sally Bedell Smith’s Elizabeth The Queen, The Life of a Modern Monarch, published by Random House, 2012.

One of The Queen's duties is to bestow honors. Her majesty once said, “People need pats on the back sometimes, it’s a very dingy world otherwise.” By the Queens Jubilee year on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II had conferred more than 404,500 honors and awards. Over 610 times she has given them in person. Her Majesty deserves a pat on the back herself. Why not have an English tea party to celebrate her for a change?

Click here to listen to Queen Elizabeth's Coronation Speeches
In 1953, 1/3 of all Americans watched TV for the Queen’s Coronation, either on the day when they tuned in for photographs, or the day after when the entire ceremony was broadcast. Her popularity continues.

English Tea Party