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Elephant Decor

Elephant DecorClick to EnlargeElephant Decor

Elephant Elements

Everyone seems crazy for elephant decor. And this is not a new trend. Elephant decor has been popular throughout history. Our glass plate has an image of an elephant from the Indian Mughal empire (1526-1858). It is taken from a painting in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum. The elephant is being ridden by an Indian boy. In India, boys were often assigned an elephant for life. You can have one too with our elephant decor!

We couldn’t resist adding a few other animals to our Elephant decor collection so don’t think you are hallucinating when you see a few other animals below.

  • Decorative Glass Plate with Elephant & Boy Rider is 12.5” x 8.5”. Comes in a lovely gift box with the history of the image on the tray from the Metropolitan Museum.
  • Melamine elephant platter tray is 12.75” x 10.25”.
  • Glass plate is hand wash. Melamine elephant decor plates are dishwasher safe.
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  • Decorative Art Prints Elephant Map PosterDecorative Art Prints Elephant Map Poster
    28"l, 20"w Elephant Map Poster

    Price: $19.99

    Desk Decor Paperweight ElephantDesk Decor Paperweight Elephant
    Price: $95.00

    Elephant Decor Platter 12.75” x 10.25”. Elephant Decor Platter 12.75” x 10.25”.
    Price: $29.00

    Decorating with Elephant Decor Accessories There’s something about elephants! We buy them wherever we see them. Elephants look good on pillows, trays, shower curtains and more. Our glass Mughal elephant plates are decorative and perfect for a coffee table or desk. Our melamine elephant decorative plates are another animal. They are more casual elephant decor. Since they are dishwasher safe, you can use them for everyday platters and trays. Kipling would have loved our Elephant platters.
    Elephant Decor

    Bringing unexpected things into a room is always fun when decorating. Elephant decor generally fits into that category and it works in almost any room. Besides the kitchen decor and decorative throw pillows above, our unique shower curtain with an elephant is a wonderful decorative accessory for bathroom decor.

    Elephant Decor