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Duck Umbrellas

Duck UmbrellasClick to EnlargeDuck Umbrellas

A Duck Umbrella Fit for a King or Queen

So we hear that the Sultan of Brunei recently bought 24 duck umbrellas. All you may need is one and we can't guarantee you'll feel like royalty with this chic little duck umbrella, but it will probably make you smile. Even if you are just going to the supermarket or the post office, why not carry a glam little duck umbrella? Maybe you only need one, but your friends may like a duck umbrella too. A duck umbrella makes a great gift. Umbrellas are great one size fits all gifts for women or gifts for guys.

  • Folding duck umbrella.
  • Automatic mechanism and natural wood handle.
  • 18" length. Opens to a 44" arc.
  • Durable, fully water resistant duck umbrella.
  • Choose your favorite duck umbrella colors!
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  • Rain Umbrellas for Lucky Ducks

    Our duck umbrella, was recently featured in People Magazine on a page with Victoria Beckham and Burberrys! A duck umbrella is fun. It's something to quack about. Keep all your ducks in a row with this cheery folding rain umbrella. You know what they say when it's raining: It's a good day for a duck umbrella. Our colorful wood handle duck umbrella is a unique, quality folding rain umbrella with charm. A duck umbrella can brighten up a rainy day.

    Ducks don't get wet and you shouldn't either.
    Practical and useful gifts
    are always welcome. A duck umbrella is a classic gift that combines both fun and good taste. Our mission at DecorativeThings.com is to turn ordinary things into decorative things. A duck umbrella is a perfect example of how far a departure a clever, folding umbrella can be from a boring plastic black umbrella. Here is a perfect gift for adults, children and ducks. Choose from a yellow duck umbrella, black duck umbrella, white duck umbrella, red duck umbrella, purple duck umbrella, blue duck umbrella and more duck umbrella colors.
    Duck Umbrellas
    The Huffington Post and Page 6 of the New York Post recently reported that the Sultan of Brunei bought 24 duck umbrellas on his last trip to NYC! A lot of fashionable men and women will be carrying duck umbrellas in Brunei. The Sultan could buy anything he likes, so the fact that he chose duck umbrellas says something. You'll feel like royalty when you carry your duck umbrella, even if it's just to the supermarket.

    Did you say an umbrella for ducks? Well anyone who has this duck umbrella really is a lucky duck. You might hear ducks quacking as you walk past when they realize you're a friend. It is hard to imagine a more cheerful look than yellow rainboots, a yellow slicker and a yellow duck umbrella. A duck umbrella is the boost you need when walking out the door on a rainy day. A folding duck umbrella fits the bill. (No pun intended.) It also fits inside purses or backpacks or glove compartments. Take duck umbrellas wherever you go and keep a couple stashed around. The natural wood handle is a pleasure to grip.

    In America, a little rain can sometimes keep us inside. Think British. The Brits never let a little rain keep them from their tradition of getting fresh air. According to London based journalist Sarah Lyall in her book The Anglophiles, the British actually enjoy having a little something to grumble about! Lyall says many British people would go mad in a sunny California climate with not much rain. She points out that air conditioning is not so ubiquitous in England. And when you order a drink in England, it is not automatically filled with ice like it is here. The British are hot tea drinkers, not iced tea drinkers. What's a little rain when you can fold up your and come in and have a nice cuppa tea?

    A duck umbrella can be a men's gift or a women's gift. It even makes a great kid's umbrella. Think of a duck umbrella as a fashion accessory. Match one to your slicker. We even have Burberry beige. A duck umbrella is also a decorative accent in the closet. The duck makes it so much fun. Donald Duck would agree. That's all folks!

    See our other rain umbrellas and read more about the British attitude toward rain in The Anglophiles Sarah Lyall's charming memoir about living in Britain.

    Lyall often writes interesting articles with lovely photos about British decorating for The New York Times. These articles feature interesting English people and illuminate the English style beautifully for those of us living stateside. We see duck umbrellas fitting beautifully into the entrance hall of any English cottage.

    We take umbrellas for granted but the history of umbrellas is quite interesting. Apparently it was not until 1750 in England that umbrellas were carried routinely for rain. The first gentleman we know to do so was ridiculed for not calling a coach. Prior to that in the middle ages, British literature tells us that gentlemen relied on cloaks for the rain, if they were wealthy enough to have a cloak. Duck umbrellas were definitely a thing of the future.

    Duck Umbrellas