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Duck Fabric

Duck FabricClick to EnlargeDuck Fabric

High Class Cotton Duck

We love decorative print fabrics, but there’s nothing like a great solid cotton canvas fabric. But we’ve found that there’s cotton duck fabric and there’s cotton duck fabric. This duck cloth has a wonderful hand. It’s from Waverly so you know it’s quality. Most decorators today use solid cotton canvas fabric for decorating for things like drapery backing and pillow backing, but there’s nothing as fresh as the best quality duck fabric for upholstery or for drapery that shows too.

Decorative fabrics like ticking stripes and cotton duck fabric are classics that just live forever. Billy Baldwin is famous for doing his beach decor in Nantucket in fresh ticking stripe and duck fabric. These cotton fabrics are quintessential simplicity. Duck fabric is known for taking a lot of wear and tear. It is even used for things like work clothes and tents. The accessibility of duck fabric is one of the things that makes it so special.

  • 10 oz. Cotton Canvas Fabric. Fabric for upholstery, drapes curtains….
  • Ask us for any other colors of duck cloth you may need.
  • 54” wide. Waverly duck fabric by the yard. Machine washable.
  • See our ticking fabric too.

  • Duck Fabric Canvas Waverly Cream Duck Fabric Canvas Waverly Cream
    Price: $12.99

    Duck Fabric Waverly NaturalDuck Fabric Waverly Natural
    Price: $12.99

    Duck Fabric Decorating Ideas

    There are a million uses for duck fabric. This cotton canvas works for upholstery fabric, drapery fabric, throw pillows and cushions and so much more. Duck fabric is super durable. It can be a bit stiff at first but softens with wear an washing. One reason duck fabric for upholstery or drapes is so great is that duck fabric is machine washable. To read more about cotton duck click here.

    The name duck fabric comes from the Dutch. Because it is snag proof, tear proof,durable and washable, duck cloth was wonderful for sailor’s clothing. It also was used by artists for lasting canvases or in the case of the Dutch artist Van Gogh for bandaging his ear.
    Duck Fabric
    PS You can see by studying our assortment of decorative fabrics that we love cotton fabric prints at Decorative Things but did you also know we love ducks? Our duck umbrellas are some of our best sellers so we could not resist offering you duck fabric.

    Duck Fabric