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Dry Mat Kitchen Decor

Dry Mat Kitchen DecorClick to EnlargeDry Mat Kitchen Decor

Dry Dishes in Style

Turn an ordinary drying mat into decorative kitchen decor. Dry mat kitchen decor does not have to be dull or boring. Make chores enjoyable by making the tools you for a dish dryer aesthetically pleasing. A dish drying rack is not just for drying dishes.

If you think of everything you put into your kitchen as decorative kitchen decor as well as a necessary tool for cooking or cleaning, the result will be an attractive, fun kitchen. This colorful tutti fruitti kitchen dry mat kitchen decor makes up for having to be the one who has dish duty.

  • Dry mat kitchen decor available in Tutti Fruitti, Strawberries, and Citrus patterns.
  • 15" x 20". Use instead of a dish drying rack or underneath one.
  • Super absorbent mitcrofiber dry mat kitchen decor. Machine washable.
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  • Dry Mat Kitchen Decor