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Decorative Home Accessories for Desk Decor

Whether you have a home office, or a corner office, make your desk accessories decorative. At home, a useful desk clock or an organizing paper tray are almost always peeking out from the clutter. Make them do double duty by thinking of them as decorative home decor.

At the office, your desk accessories may not get you a promotion, but it never hurts to make a good impression. Desk accessories can send a message that you care about aesthetics. Even in a high tech company design matters these days. Apple has proved that.

Desk Accessories Ideas

You consider yourself well-dressed. Make sure your desk is as cool and stylish as your wardrobe. And never mind the boss and the guests, choose desk accessories that make you feel good.

We've got desk accessories made in the UK, Italy, and right here in the USA. Why have an ordinary desktop, when you can have a decorative one? Why tell time with an ordinary desk clock when you can have a special clock that is made of Florentine leather? Don't your gorgeous photos deserve a handsome decorative picture frame?

-For home office decorating or corporate office decor, desk supplies and desk accessories are essential for completing work, paying bills, journaling or whatever task is best completed while sitting down to a writing surface.

-Let us help you map out your desk decor with Italian leather desk accessories that have a decorative map motif. We discovered these desk sets on a buying trip to Italy. They include a paper tray and a desk clock. Made by an award-winning Florentine leather maker. These desk accessories are exclusively ours in the USA.

-Keeping papers in a "to-do" paper tray that's also a decorative desk accessory will give you an incentive to empty your paper tray.

-It's important to produce work in a timely manner, so no desk decor is complete without a desk clock.

-Our Caspari note cards are desk supplies that lend a sense of style and personality to thank you notes, or any occasion that calls for the post man. They will make you glad you are writing a letter and not sending an email. We've purposely selected desk accessories like picture frames that are be fabric motifs that decorators use, like bamboo, animal prints and Fortuny. The decorative designs make them perfect desk accessories as well as useful note cards.

-Just in case you are old-fashioned and want to use a dictionary, instead of Google, we offer a fine leather Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary for you. It's a desk accessory filled with useful information you can have at your fingertips. Also available in other colors upon request.

Desk Accessories