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Decorative Wine Glasses

Decorative Wine GlassesClick to EnlargeDecorative Wine Glasses

Sippin’ Pretty

Just like wine, decorative wine glasses come in every shape and form. Ours are plastic wine glasses. We appreciate that Baccarat is a 250 year old tradition but sometimes you just need party supplies that are not too precious. Even for parties, washing fancy wine glasses can be a chore so plastic wine glasses can be just what the sommelier ordered.

Choose from simple clear plastic wine glasses to more decorative wine glasses. Having a luau party? Try the plastic wine glasses that look like hand painted wine glasses. Having a wine tasting? Try our decorative wine glasses with grapes.

Our Biot wine glasses imported from France are really special. Look closely and you will see bubbles in them. The Biot company in France is famous for the bubbles in their glass glasses but their plastic wine glasses have them too which makes them feel and look just like glass. These decorative wine glasses are truly special and unique wine glasses.

Decorative Things plastic and acrylic wine glasses are fun and work well for indoor or outdoor entertaining.Consider them the Baccarat of plastic wine glasses or decorative wine glasses.

Decorative Wine Glasses

From wine labels to wine tastings, there is a decorative element to wine drinking. I love the wine labels by artists from Picasso to Man Ray. Artists have done decorative wine glasses too thru the years. In Umbria in Italy, there is a wonderful Museum of Wine. There they have bottles, labels, dishes and more items including decorative wine glasses. Our wine glasses are casual compared to some of those in a museum but they are easy to use, dishwasher safe and modern for today’s taste.

A bottle of wine, a decorative wine glass and a loaf of bread. What more do you need? Going to dinner at someone’s house? A bottle of wine is always appreciated. So are decorative wine glasses.

And remember, decorative wine glasses are a great addition to any connoisseur's collection of glasses. Create extraordinary chic but fun moments by giving a gift of one of wonderful plastic wine glasses. Choose any of our decorative wine glasses and have fabulous casual times with family or friends as you toast in style. And all of our plastic wine glasses are dishwasher safe.

Decorative Wine Glasses