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Decorative Vases

Decorative VasesClick to EnlargeDecorative Vases

Decorative Vases with artistic pedigrees.

Designed by the Metropolitan Museum with references to their collections. Part of the proceeds go to the Museum.

Decorative Glass Flower Vases

Our glass vases and plates won’t be the ones that spend their lives at the back of a cabinet or under the sink. Decorative vases are welcoming decorative accessories in an entrance hall, dining room or living room. Use these decorative vases full or empty.

If you decide to fill them with flowers, no matter what kind of flower you put in these decorative vases, they will look pretty. Arranging our glass flower vases in a room can be as much fun as arranging flowers. Make a whole bouquet! Make your own traditions. There are no rights or wrongs when it comes using pretty decorative vases.

When it comes to flower arranging,the brilliant and stylish American editor Fleur Cowles (January 20, 1908 – June 5, 2009) had a delightful passion and philosophy for flowers. In her book,"Flower Decorations : A New Approach to Flower Arranging" Cowles wrote: “I feel the same way about containers as I do about flowers: forget about all the traditions and what you should and should not do.”

Decoupage looking transfer ware glass vases are reminiscent of antique Victorian decoupage style but they work with modern or traditional decorative accessories. Why shouldn’t your flower vases be as decorative as the flowers? Using a pretty decorative glass vase can be as much fun as picking pretty flowers. Decorative vases last long after fresh flowers do. Our glass flower vases look great no matter what the season.

Decorative glass vases make welcome, long lasting presents. They will be used over and over again. Fill one of these decorative glass vases with flowers for a really special gift.

According to Wikipedia, the vase, has "developed as an art medium unto itself."Decorative vases like the ones on this page are an example of that. They are decorated with vintage images of flowers using a transferware process. The images are delicate and pretty. Our decorative vases are pretty enough to be found in an art museum but we prefer to see them in use as decorative accessories.

Unique glass flower vases are a great wedding gift, birthday gift or thinking of you gift. You can give vase with or without the flowers. Many gardeners collect interesting vases to have on hand for a variety of occasions full or empty.

Decorative Vases