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Decorative Hooks

Decorative HooksDecorative Hooks

Decorative Hooks for Coat Hooks, Bathoom Hooks & Kitchen Hooks

These stately hooks reaffirm our belief that everything in your house should be beautiful, even something as ordinary as towel hooks, robe hooks or coat hooks. After all, when your coat or towel is not on the hook, the hook becomes decorative home decor.

You can hang these hooks in prominent places and let everything come out of the closet. The crown motif of these decorative hooks is very de rigeur. For the coat closet or the linen closet, or the wall not even in the closet, use decorative hooks in your home.

  • King's Crown Decorative Hook - 7" by 9"

  • Decorative Hook - KingDecorative Hook - King
    Price: $20.00


    However you look at them, these are stately hooks! Use them in the mudroom for coat hooks or hat hooks. Use them as kitchen hooks for kitchen towel hooks. Almost every room needs a few decorative hooks. Hooks are useful decorative accessories. The king and queen sizes of these hooks make them a great bathroom set for robes or kitchen accessories set for kitchen towels.

    More ideas for using decorative hooks in home decor: -Put decorative hooks on the back of the bathroom door for robes. -Hang decorative hooks on the bathroom wall for towels. Attach decorative hooks to your kitchen wall for kitchen towels. -Hang decorative hooks in the mudroom for lightweight coats.

    The king and queen motif is charming for modern or traditional decor. Even if you are anti clutter, decorative hooks have a purpose so they can be justified. If you like a little clutter, these hooks look great just as wall decor even when not used for towels, coats, etc.

    Decorative Hooks