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Decorative Hand Towels

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Decorative Hand Towels to Pamper Your Guests

Decorative hand towels are nice to have in the bath as a pampering touch at all times. Even when you donít have time for that little bud vase of fresh flowers or pretty scented guest soaps, decorative hand towels in the bathroom always keep it ready for guests or yourself. In fact, floral decorative hand towels will give the illusion of fresh flowers. Mix them with more tailored ikats stripes and decorative personalized hand towels too for an eclectic lively look. Give your guests a choice in the matter of their decorative hand towels.

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  • See our Christmas hand towels and monogrammed hand towels for a holiday selection of paper hand towels.

  • In the world of bathroom decor, a decorative hand towel may not be an everyday necessity. A decorative hand towel is primarily used for visitors and guests on special occasions. Our decorative hand towels are always a great classic touch to any boring restroom. These towels are soft and will last for multiple uses.

    Additionally, party decorations can include the decorative hand towels, paper hand towels, and personalized hand towels. Each of these gives the bathroom a different feel and purpose. The experience is especially luxurious because the decorative hand towels are so soft.

    Decorative hand towels support your bathroom decorating theme. The range of patterns is huge. In 1971, Yves Saint Laurent commissioned the British textile firm of Collier Campbell to do designs for one of his Couture collections. Now Caspari is using their designs for party supplies. Add a little couture to your party with a lovely floral print. Paper plates and paper napkins for your party and paper decorative hand towels for your powder room.

    Pretty patterns offer guests something a little special in an easy way and don't seem too frilly or over the top. People have to dry their hands and you wouldn't put the bounty in the guest bathroom after all. By using decorative hand towels as opposed to cloth ones, you can add a casual but elegant touch and express yourself in so many ways. Guest decorative hand towels can be an important part of your bathroom decor.

    We vote for decorative hand towels above linen for ease of care any day. Decorative hand towels always look fresh because they are disposable. Each guest gets their very own hand towel. Why not make it a decorative towel that offers a bit of color, whimsy or sophistication?

    Decorative Hand Towels