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From Art Prints to Posters, Sculpture and Vases

All Decorative Things Art is a lofty category. It can range from paintings you find hanging on the walls at The Louvre or sculptures you find in the Sculpture galleries of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Wanting to have decorative art in your home, seems instinctual. From the hieroglyphics found on caves in ancient civilizations to Mayan temples, the desire to have decorative art in your home is as old as the hills.

In the old days, the grand art patrons like the Medicis and the Borgheses went to great lengths to have the best decorative art in the world in their homes. Those old sayings, "Your home is your castle," or "Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home" are all reflections of the fact that you don't have to be a grand art patron to have unique decorative art as a part of your home furnishings.

Decorative Art Ideas

Just as many of us believe a home is not a home without some books, many of us also think home decorating should always include some decorative art. “Art” is one of those things that has endless possibilities. Wall art decor can be canvas art or art prints. It can be abstract or representational.

Whatever the style, the kind of art we concern ourselves with at Decorative Things is art that serves double duty as home decor. Blank walls are only appealing if you are an ultra-minimalist. Though the styles of decorative art may vary, most of us prefer to put something on our walls.

Decorative art can reflect our interests. Are you interested in Phrenology? If so, we’ve got a lovely poster about the subject. Are you interested in Tree of Life images? In that case, our decorative art prints of hand drawn Tree of Life pictures will inspire you. Are you an Anglophile with no time to hop a plane to England in sight? If so, our very popular hand printed Keep Calm and Carry On posters imported from England should catch your fancy and provide a fix.

Michael Govan of the Los Angeles Museum of Art, has intimated on occasion that painting is dead and sculpture is the future. If you already believe that, or even if you don’t, our reproduction decorative art sculptures inspired by works in the Metropolitan Museum and created by the Museum are wonderful decorative home accents.

All Decorative Things