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Decorative Accent Pillow Royal Wedding

Decorative Accent Pillow Royal WeddingClick to EnlargeDecorative Accent Pillow Royal Wedding

William & Kate Pillow Talk

Our royal wedding decorative accent pillow is a special edition accent pillow designed for William and Kate by British designer Jan Constantine.

Even after the royal wedding, our Jan Constantine pillow is a keeper for British culture lovers. After all, Kate and William are supposed to live happily ever after. (See our royal wedding gossip column below.)

  • Decorative accent pillow for sofa, couch or bed.
  • Imported from Jan Constantine, England. Hand worked with natural cottons linens and wools.
  • 2 sizes available, both come with pillow insert.
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  • Limited edition. Supplies are limited.

  • Price: $199.00

    Royal Wedding Decorative Accent Pillow

    Wasn't the royal wedding fantastic or as the Brits say "Fahntastic?" April 29th, 2011 was quite a day to remember. This decorative accent pillow is perfect to lean on when reading the British tabloids. During wedding week, the "tabs" were great fun to read. They were chock full of great royal wedding "news," or was it gossip?

  • There were 1900 invitees to the royal wedding.
  • Fergie was not invited.
  • Fergie's kids were invited. Did you see the hats?
  • Sarkozy and Carla Bruni did not make the list.
  • Michelle & Barak didn't either.
  • It was the Queen who wanted the couple to appear on the balcony since the wedding was treated as a semi-State occasion.
  • William was said to want to keep his title of Prince William which would make Kate Princess Katherine.
  • The other options for William were Duke of Clarence, Duke of Cambridge, Duke of Connaught or Duke of Sussex, all of which would make Kate a duchess.
  • Kate and WIlliam think being duke and duchess ages them by 30 years. They may in the end choose not to have a title.

    The pillow fights have begun.

    Prop up our royal wedding decorative accent pillow and have a party to celebrate the royal wedding on the sofa or in bed in front of the telly.

    Read more about the Royal Wedding honeymoon plans, etc.

  • Decorative Accent Pillow Royal Wedding