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Cloth Placemats

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Washable Cloth Placemats

Cheap and chic. Our subtle cloth placemat designs are classic and fuss-free compared to traditional fabric table decor placemats. Carelessly chic reversible cloth placemats can make over your dining space instantly.

  • For a classic elegant look check out our Rattan Place Mats.
  • For everyday messes we have Vinyl Placemats.

  • Cloth Placemats Yellow ChevronCloth Placemats Yellow Chevron
    Set of four 12" x 18" Polypropylene / Polyester placemats.

    Price: Regular price: $34.99Sale price: $24.99

    Cloth Placemats Red ChevronCloth Placemats Red Chevron
    Set of four 12" x 18" Polypropylene / Polyester placemats.

    Price: Regular price: $34.99Sale price: $24.99

    Cloth Placemats Moroccan RedCloth Placemats Moroccan Red
    Set of four 12" x 18" poly / cotton reversible placemats.

    Price: $24.99


    Our manufacturer specializes in the manufacture of placemats and tablemats, especially cloth products. These reversible cloth placemats are extremely durable, easy to maintain and provide endless design possibilities as table decor. So update your table with the latest cloth placemats and tablemats from Decorative Things in chevron and morrocan. In bold colors our reversible cloth placemats can easily be mixed and matched for a look that's all your own. Find cloth placemats for every day or holiday.

    Shop our complete table placemat collection to find the latest cloth placemats in unique bold colors, chevron and morrocan and reversible classic dependable hues.

    Whether you're hosting a formal holiday dinner or a casual wine night with friends, creating an comfortable elegant space is easy with cloth placemats. Unique, timeless cloth placemats beautifully dress up your dining space and turn your table into a showcase for your best china. For a simple background that lets your the dishes shine alone, opt for a plain cloth placemat. If you are going for a bold table for a unique meal, catch the eye of all your guests with beautifully designed chevron and morrocan cloth placemats. Think about how the style and color of cloth placemats work with your flatware, serving dishes, glasses and dishware when picking out new cloth placemats. When it comes to decorating, cloth placemats with vibrant prints add color and texture. Cloth placemats truly provide that perfect finishing touch taking your table from classy to phenomenal.

    Cloth Placemats