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Christmas Decor

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Merry Christmas

Make your Christmas decor merry & bright with unique Christmas decorations. Set the table for Christmas dinner or a Christmas party with Christmas table runners, Christmas placemats, Christmas plates and more. It’s a process. Some people start on Christmas decor early. Some of us start gathering Christmas decorations at the last minute. There are lots of ways to get ready for Christmas.

Christmas decor will keep you busy! You get to wrap your packages in Christmas gift wrap, tie them up with ribbons and bows. You need to send out your Christmas cards. You need to start your advent calendar. By the time you pop your Christmas crackers at the beginning or end of Christmas dinner, you may be exhausted! There is no end to fun Christmas decor. If you forget something, don’t worry, it all starts again next year!

Merry Christmas Decor

What better way to make your Christmas merry than unique Christmas decor! From vintage Christmas placemats and customizable Christmas place cards to cheery Christmas table runners and other festive Christmas table decorations, using Christmas decor to create a warm and inviting holiday home has been one of the most important Christmas traditions throughout history.

The 1881 issue of Cassell's Family Magazine issued the following advice about how to use Christmas decorations to create a happy home to share with loved ones during the holidays: "To bring about a general feeling of enjoyment, much depends on the surroundings… It is worth while to bestow some little trouble on the decoration of the rooms."

While we at DecorativeThings.com can’t fill your home with family and friends (though we wish we could!), we can absolutely help out with "the decoration of the rooms"! Make your Christmas decor festive and unforgettable with unique Christmas decorations. Set the table for Christmas dinner (or a Christmas party) with Christmas placemats, Christmas place cards, Christmas table runners, Christmas plates and more traditional Christmas decor.

When someone mentions "Christmas," our minds immediately conjure up images of Christmas decor set amidst crackling fires, joyous carolers, fat Santas, stolen mistletoe kisses, friendly lopsided snowmen painstakingly packed by tiny mittened hands, and the heavenly smells of fresh gingerbread, spicy cider and creamy egg nog wafting from a warm and crowded kitchen.

The majority of our most memorable and magical Christmas memories are tied to unique and festive Christmas decor: bright and cozy candlelit rooms decorated with evergreen boughs adorned with rosy sprigs of holly, pine-scented wreaths woven with strings of twinkling lights, and of course a triumphant tree sprinkled with shiny ornaments engraved in glittering gold, Rudolph nose-red and classic winter white.

From beautiful Christmas place mats illustrated with vintage scenes of Christmas decor like Santa’s sleigh to unique Christmas place cards to make your Christmas dinner guests feel special, there is an endless supply of ways to make your Christmas decor special and spirited.

One of the most creative opportunities to show off your unique Christmas decor is at Christmas dinner—through a beautiful display of Christmas table decorations. Christmas dinner is hands down one of our most beloved Christmas traditions. A Christmas dinner table is filled with opportunities to use Christmas decor. And it's one of only a few of the original Christmas customs that we have carried with us for centuries, dating all the way back to its inception in eighteenth-century colonial Virginia! While we’ve evolved our earlier Christmas decor traditions as well as added plenty of new ones since the the settlers got us started, sharing a huge and delicious Christmas dinner with your closest family and friends is still one of the most important (and one of the most fun!) components of a successful holiday season.

Because classic, cheery Christmas decor is key to decorative Christmas dinner, DecorativeThings.com offers a wide array of beautiful Christmas table decorations as part of our huge collection of Christmas decor—including Christmas placemats, Christmas place cards and much more! Here’s just a few examples of our many categories of special and unique Christmas decor!

Christmas Place Cards

Christmas place cards are a great addition to any collection of Christmas decor. Since the most important part of any Christmas dinner is always the loved ones seated around your table, what more perfect way to celebrate them than with customized Christmas place cards featuring timeless Christmas decor scenes and whimsical designs?

We offer over a dozen different varieties of beautiful christmas place cards to round out your unique collection of Christmas decor, enhance your Christmas table decorations, and make your Christmas dinner complete. Each of our 13 sets of Christmas place cards include eight or ten 3.5 x 3.5" Christmas place cards depicting different idyllic Christmas scenes and holiday imagery. Enhance your Christmas decor, Christmas dinner, and Christmas party with a table sprinkled with quaint sprigs of holly, beautiful snowflakes, elegant Christmas topiaries, festive ribbon and pepper berry wreaths, bright and cheery boxwood or berry chintz, single or multiple Christmas ornaments, a cute Christmas tree cupcake, or, of course, a classic Christmas tree dripping with antique ornaments.

The best news of all? Our Christmas place cards not only serve as a traditional yet one-of-a-kind staple for your Christmas decor and Christmas dinner table, they’re also practical, customizable, and super affordable!

Christmas Place Mats

While the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories with the people you love most, it can also be a busy and even stressful time. From pulling out the Christmas decorations from storage, to decorating the tree, to wrapping presents, to hosting holiday parties, to preparing Christmas dinner, its easy to feel like there is always something more to be done!

What better way to make the holidays go just a little more smoothly than by honoring the timeless tradition of Christmas dinner with classic Christmas decor? Our beautiful yet entirely practical disposable paper Christmas place mats provide the perfect mix of form and function. With an assortment of quintessential Christmas designs and classical images such as Santa, pinecones, deer, vintage postcards, wreathes and holly, our 11 x 17" Christmas placemats are a merry addition to your Christmas party or Christmas table decorations.

As well as providing the perfect stage for a big holiday meal filled with your family’s favorite Christmas decor from Christmas crackers to Christmas place cards one of the the best features of some of our Christmas place mats is that they are paper placemats and you can throw them out the second the ham, cranberries, and stuffing have been cleared!

DecorativeThings.com’s collection of Christmas decor includes these as well as a huge assortment of other unique Christmas decorations designed to infuse your Christmas season with the holiday spirit. Take a look around for some other examples of merry and bright Christmas decor, including Christmas paper plates and napkins, Christmas crackers, Christmas wrapping paper and gift wrap bags, holiday cards and holiday snow globes!

Christmas Decor