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Broom and Dustpan

Broom and Dustpan Click to EnlargeBroom and Dustpan

Buy as a Set or Separately

Recently, I painted my kitchen including the inside of my broom closet. Afterwards, I decided that my old broom and dustpan set looked worn out. The fresh paint in the broom closet demanded something better. I'd gone thru the mess of the paint job so I didn't want to just buy any old broom and dustpan set, I wanted one that looked attractive and warranted a home in my newly painted kitchen decor. That's when I decided that we must carry the ultimate decorative broom and dustpan set here at Decorative Things. I chose a blue set for my kitchen but the red and brown sets are really nice too. I'm not suggesting you paint your kitchen because it is a lot of work but I do highly recommend our broom and dustpan sets. Kitchen accessories are an easy way to freshen up kitchen decor.
  • Buy as a set or individually.
  • Individually hand woven of 100% renewable sohrgum and bamboo.
  • 3 colors, dyed in eco-friendly non toxic colors.
  • Long broom, standard size. See also our dust broom.
  • Clean broom and dustpan with water.
  • Dustpan is constructed of hard plastic. The edge is extra thin so it gets close to the floor to pick up even very small particles of dirt and debris.

  • A Cinderella Broom and Dustpan

    In folklore, the buds and seeds that can faintly be seen in the bristles of our broom and dustpan set are said to be good luck. It makes me think of Cinderella or Snow White. I can't promise you will meet a prince or princess if you use our beautiful broom and dustpan set but it's a nice fantasy. Isn't it?

    One thing we can promise is that our broom and dustpan set will give your kitchen accessories more zing.

    Broom and Dustpan