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British Style Cufflinks

British Style CufflinksClick to EnlargeBritish Style Cufflinks

British Style Essentials

British style these days includes lots of Union Jacks. The British are crazy for the flags. British fashion looks great in the boardroom.

  • 15 mm ( approx. 1 ) diameter.
  • Solid sterling silver, British style post backs.
  • Comes with a stylish box, of course!

  • Union Jack Flag CufflinksUnion Jack Flag Cufflinks
    Price: $99.00

    Each product ordered comes with a History of Keep Calm and Carry On card.Keep Calm and Carry On

    British Style

    What is it about British men? Sarah Lyall the New York Times journalist who married an Englishman and writes about it in her book, The Anglofiles writes about it eloquently. She says, "Some women are inextricably attracted to prison inmates, so others yearn above all for Englishmen, with their thrilling accents, rumpled boyish hair, and ability to make even pointless banalities sound like brilliant repartee." She loves her Englishman and so do Gwyneth Paltrow and many others. Madonna married one though her relationship sounds a bit rockier. Until them, perhaps the most famous example of an American gal marrying a Brit was Wallis Simpson, whose husband gave up a monarchy for her. Perhaps the question is what is it about American women?

    Interestingly the men of these dames all had British style in spades. Gwyneth's husband Chris Martin is the epitome of British style. His Union Jack jackets are ultra cool. Guy Ritchie, Madonna's ex, struts his British style at his manse in Scotland and in his brilliant films. The Duke of Windsor is known as one of the quintessential male British style icons.

    The Duke wrote a book about British style and was famous for his influence on men's fashion all over the world. His brand of British style included a lot of still popular menswear fashion. We have the Duke to thank for Windsor knot ties, double breasted blazers, fairisle sweaters and Panama hats. Though he was known for his casual style as much as for his sartorial style, the Duke had a collection of cufflinks.

    Cufflinks came about when Europeans started wearing starched shirts in the mid nineteenth century. They were easier than the buttons men were starting to need for their sleeves and before then, even the French monarchy wore strings in their sleeves.

    British Style Cufflinks