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Make Breakfast in Bed Decorative

Your bed tray is as important as what is on it. Is it filled with all you need for a breakfast tray? The fresh squeezed oj, the hot coffee, the French toast and the New York Times? Is it loaded with your lap top and the latest novel by your favorite writer? Whatever you are serving, your bed tray holds it all together. Our bed trays will pamper you or the person you are serving in a delightful way.
  • Wood. Decorative. Sturdy.
  • Hand Painted bed trays every decorator will love.

  • Bedroom Decor

    Ok, as Nancy Meyer's movie with Meryl Streep and Alex Baldwin demonstrates, it's complicated! but there's plenty of inspiring reading to give you bedroom decorating ideas like add a pretty bed tray. I love reading magazines and books like the ones mentioned below for inspiration.

    House Beautiful. The magazine recently did an issue featuring bedroom decor that showed nine fabulous bedrooms. And they were truly the best! The decorative fabrics for upholstery curtains and bedding for each bedroom scheme were especially delightful.We hope you get inspired to make your bedroom decor special with our bedroom accessories and also our decorative fabrics.
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    Famous Decorative Beds
    One of the most luxe examples of bedroom decor in all of American history may have been the bedroom decorating of Helena Rubinstein, the cosmetics company founder and one of the most successful businesswoman of her time,(1870-1965). Ms. Rubenstein moved around a fair amount but her final bedroom was in a triplex on Park Avenue in Manhattan.

    -From Over the Top Suzanne Slesin's book about Rubinstein, we learn that under doctor's orders at age ninety four, Madame Rubinstein was to spend at least a few mornings a week in her luxurious bedroom. The doctor's orders did not interrupt Madame's work. She set up her bed tray as a desk and invited her key executives to her bedroom. It could accomodate up to at least a dozen people. They perched on acrylic chairs. Ms. Rubinstein was quite a Modernist.

    Even if you don't plan to have business meetings in your bedroom with a bed tray in your lap, make a decorative bed front and center in your bedroom and make it special!

    Another of my favorite bedrooms is the one belonging to Idina Sackville at "Clouds," one of her African homes.

    Here is an excerpt from the book The Bolter by Frances Osborne, Idina's great granddaughter describing Idina's decorative bed: "It was a large room, almost the size of the drawing room, but, sited on the corner of the house, it again had windows on two sides. Near the door lay an enormous bed covered in a rug of wildcat skins and above which hung a childhood photograph of herself, Avie and Buck. Beyond its sleeping area was another "room," space for a writing desk and chair, another sofa even, all looking out to the view beyond. The door was propped open by a tortoiseshell-topped elephant's foot, to allow her dogs to wander in and out." No wonder they called the house "Clouds." The decorative bed decor sounds heavenly!

    Bedroom decor is a personal expression. From Shabby Chic to just not too shabby, bedroom decor can be elegant to casual depending on your locale and style. If there's no need to do your bedroom decor all over, it's always nice to add a few decorative bedroom accessories like a bed tray or decorative pillows to freshen up and pamper you a little. If you prefer them to an actual bed tray, have breakfast in bed on one of our serving trays.

    Bed Tray