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Luxuriate in Your Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Decor is more than soap and water though we do have some great decorative soaps and water is always nice. It's nice to carry the color scheme or theme of the adjoining rooms to your bathroom into your bathroom decor.

Let's say you have a nautical bathroom decor theme in your beach house. Our many nautical shower curtains from Octopus to anchors are an obvious choice. But you may also like our ticking stripe fabric shower curtains which are a bit more subtle.

We manufacture almost all the shower curtains we offer but we've got bathroom accessories from many other fabulous designers. From bathroom trash cans in wicker or plastic to paper hand towels that will help help you carry out almost any bathroom decorating theme our bath accessories are here to spruce up any bathroom decor.

Decorative Bath Decor

When you think of bathroom decor, what comes to mind? Is it the bathroom with Julia Roberts in the bathtub at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Pretty Woman? Doris Day and Rock Hudson flirting while soaking in Pillow Talk? You don't have to be in a hotel or on a movie set to feel pampered. Everyday bathroom accessories can be practical but luxurious. Beautiful bathroom decor is all about the materials and shapes. Unique luxury shower curtains, mirrored bath accessories, wicker bath accessories, trash cans and wastebaskets are easy decorative bathroom decor decorating items.

Just adding decorative soaps and pretty hand towels in a bathroom can make bathroom decor special and give you a lift.

Feeling creative? Decorate your own shower curtain with our do it yourself magic marker and shower curtain set. Your bathroom decor will then feature a work of art, by you. Add your signature to your artwork. There are lots of ways to express yourself with creative decorative bath accessories. After all, bathroom decor is a very personal thing. That's why unique shower curtains are so much fun.

Think the Garden of Eden or the Roman Baths when you think bathroom decor. Your bathroom, guest bathroom, or powder room can be one of the most fun rooms in the house to decorate. Although, we take bathroom decor sets (like toilets, sinks and bathtubs) for granted, bathroom decor was not always the way it is today.

In the Middle Ages, baths were public places for socializing, celebrating, swimming gossip, etc. Kind of like modern day health clubs. However, when the plagues came, baths went out of fashion.

Don't tell your kids but King Louis the XVI (1754-1793) is said to have had only two baths in his life, both leading to him getting sick. Luckily, there was a revolution in bathing around the time of the French Revolution. In Paris in 1790, there were 150 baths but by 1800 there were 300. Neverthless, bathing and bathrooms weren't exactly de rigueur. An 1801 survey showed that among 66 mansions, only 21 had private bathrooms. Too bad, I would have liked to see the bathroom decor at a place like Fountainbleu.
marilyn monroe
Queen Elizabeth had a bathroom. The flush toilet was invented for her in 1596 but it was not until the end of the 19th century that the invention began to appear in British homes. (Even today, the British are not known for their bathroom plumbing or their decorative bath decor.)

Leave it to Benjamin Franklin to bring the basics of bathroom decor to this country. He brought the first bathtub to America and used to write in the bathtub. Early to bed, early to rise. When did he get into the bathtub? It wasn't about a decorative bath for him. It was more functional than that.

It was not until 1810 that the first 3 piece bathroom set arrived in America(toilet, tub and sink). And not until 1851 that The White House had a bathroom set, for which Millard Fillmore was widely criticized. Such spending excess! Imagine, a decorative bathroom set! What the tabloids would have done with that.

You don't have to be a President, a King or a decorator, or excessive, to have a decorative bathroom decor. Afterall, most bathrooms are quite small compared to other rooms. That makes using unique bathroom decor a fun project you can tackle in a weekend. Our decorative hooks, fabric shower curtains, tub mats and mirrored waste baskets make it easy to have decorative bathroom decor.

Bathroom Accessories As Seen In...

Decorative Things has been making bathroom accessories for many years. Our bathroom decor has been featured in Elle Decor, Domino, House and Garden, House Beautiful, Real Simple, Country Living and others. Our signature bathroom sets are our custom shower curtains. We offer fabric shower curtains in any of our decorative fabrics. We can make extra long shower curtains in any size you need.. We've branched out to mirrored bathroom accessories and plastic bathroom accessories too. Our mirrored wastebaskets and mirrored tissue box covers are totally glam but are also quite neutral. Mirrored bathroom accessories really go with almost any decorative bath decorating schemes.

Once you've picked out a bathroom trash can, other bathroom decor can orbit around it. Our selection of Caspari paper hand towels is broad enough to go with almost any of our decorative bathroom trash cans. Creating decorative bathroom decor can be all about how you mix and match bathroom accessories. Our black and white Pierre Frey stripe paper hand towels are super with the mirrored wastebaskets and the green John Derian ferns look great with them too. Putting fern guest towels with mirror makes it look like you have plants in your bathroom decor.

Whether it's a hot bath or a cold shower, decorative bath accessories like fabric shower curtains add to the experience and help make your bathroom decor, refreshing, rejuvenating and refined. There are complete books about different bathroom decorating styles. Marble, cedar, tile, brass, silver, the materials are endless and absorbing. Ahhhh...bathing is a wonderful ritual. Decorative shower curtains are something you can appreciate every day. But don't forget, the whole point of decorative bathroom accessories sets is to enjoy the simplicity of a bath. Sometimes an outdoor shower is the best of all. We'd love to hear your bathroom decorating ideas too. Send us photos of our unique shower curtains in your own bathroom decor!

Bathroom Decor