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Bamboo Silverware

Bamboo Silverware  Bamboo Silverware

Choose Black or Natural Bamboo Resin Silverware

Designers from Gucci to Tiffany make bamboo silverware. Because this 5 pc set of bamboo silverware is made of resin, it is much more affordable than you’ll find at either of those stores but it is nice quality and you can use this bamboo silverware for entertaining or everyday. Choose black handled bamboo silverware or natural handled silverware. Both are totally chic and go with everything.

  • Made by Caspari of resin and stainless steel.
  • 5 pc. set of bamboo flatware.
  • Each set includes a salad and dinner fork, a soup and teaspoon and one knife with a resin bamboo handle.

  • Bamboo Silverware NaturalBamboo Silverware Natural
    Price: $20.00

    Bamboo Silverware
    Bamboo Decor

    Bamboo decor in the West springs from the many East India companies established across Europe from the 16th century onwards. The British East India Company was formed by investors who wanted to carry on trade with the East, Southeast Asia and India. As a result, Chinoiserie goods such as silk, lacquer, bamboo decor and porcelain became wildly popular in Britain and with that came many famous rooms at the courts with bamboo decor motifs.
    Bamboo Decor
    Brighton Pavilion

    The Royal Pavilion at Brighton has several prime examples of rooms with bamboo decor. Brighton Pavilion was built as a seaside residence by George IV (August 12, 1762 – June 26, 1830) who was a huge devotee of Chinoiserie. Although rooted in Chinese design, Chinoiserie is the product of the imagination of the European court. It summed up all that was strange and unusual to Europeans about the East – like bamboo decor. Bamboo decor and other decorative chinoiserie motifs such as dragon decor, serpents, Chinese bells, and water lilies abound at Brighton.
    The Music Room has a dramatic bamboo decor element. There one finds a canopy of imitation bamboo hanging over the huge organ and the opposite wall, giving the impression of a tent. But the bamboo decor is not all. The domed ceiling is decorated with 26,000 plaster cockleshells covered in 18 carat gold. Nine lotus shaped chandeliers hang from the ceiling and in total there are 180 dragons and serpents decorating the room.

    The bamboo decor in the Music Room was probably much admired when music was played after dinner entertainment.

    In 1823, the great composer Rossini visited to play for the king and his guests. King George IV himself often sang for the group. Maybe we can all learn a thing or two from King George IV. We may not be able to afford bamboo decor as elaborate as the bamboo decor at Brighton Pavilion but why not put use some bamboo silverware for your next dinner party?
    Bamboo Decor
    In your home... Bamboo home decor introduces a hint of the East to a room. Because bamboo has a long life, it's a Chinese symbol of longevity. In India, it's a symbol of friendship.

    Bamboo Silverware