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Bamboo Mat

Bamboo MatClick to EnlargeBamboo Mat

Why Not Have a Cheery Mat ?

Whoever discovered how to print on a bamboo mat had a great idea. The printing makes a bamboo mat a decorative accessory. You can use it for a kitchen rug or a bathroom rug indoors. Outdoors, you can use a bamboo mat on the patio, in the sunroom or at the for beach mats...

A bamboo mat makes a lovely neutral canvas for a variety of designs. Decorative bamboo mats are not just eco-friendly, they're warm and friendly. That's why a bamboo mat makes a wonderful welcome mat too!

  • 2’ x 3’ and 3’ x 5’ bamboo mats.
  • Eco friendly bamboo mat or bamboo rug.
  • Use as kitchen rugs or kitchen mats.
  • Stain resistant roll-up bamboo rugs.

  • Bamboo Mat Blue ShellsBamboo Mat Blue Shells

    Price: $24.99

    Decorating with Bamboo Mats

    Wherever you need a rug or mat to protect the floor, our patterned, many-hued bamboo mats can add a little artistic flair to perk up a room and add a little whimsy. Think of them as paintings for the floor. You can even use them for indoor outdoor mats on the patio. And bamboo mats make colorful welcome mats at the front door and excellent kitchen mats or kitchen rugs.

    An eco friendly bamboo mat is a decorative accessory you can walk on. The natural bamboo slats feel great with bare feet and are nice to come home to. Perfect on the front or back stoop for welcome mats and door mats. Get creative with many decorative styles to choose from. Put an aquatic themed bamboo mat under your bathroom sink or by your shower, a pretty print by your bed for your bedroom slippers.

    A bamboo mat with a seed pak or flowers makes a cheerful decorative accent in your garden room or porch. and prevents dirt from the flower pots from getting tracked inside. A plaid bamboo mat is perfect for under the kitchen sink or at the back door because it shows no dirt. A sailboat bamboo mat is good for boaters or for your bathroom décor as a bathroom rug. You get the idea; the artist who designed our bamboo mats,came up with versatile designs.

    And bamboo mats are super practical. Not only are they good little floor mats wherever you need them in your home, but you can take them with you for beach mats, or gym mats. Keep a stack to use as beach mats and you may save on laundering beach towels all summer long.

    Just roll out a decorative bamboo mat with cherries or shells and voila your room will have instant charm with the theme you choose.

    Bamboo Mat