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Accent Rugs

Accent RugsAccent Rugs

Decorative But Practical Accent Rugs and Mats

Our accent rugs and mats are not only great looking, colorful decorative rugs, they are work horses. In fact, these accent rugs are practically indestructible. They are 100 % acylic, waterproof and washable. Because they were designed for residential and commercial spaces, they are durable and built to last. They are wonderful for under the sink kitchen rugs and mats, bathroom rugs, indoor outdoor rugs.

We wish you could kick off your shoes to experience these accent rugs first hand but a picture will have to do. They are made of an acrylic mat-like material. The good thing is they are returnable so give an accent rug a chance. We think you’ll like it.

  • Machine washable indoor outdoor rugs for kitchen rugs, bathroom rugs, porch rugs and more.
  • UV stablilized, antimicrobial and hyperallergenic.
  • Call us if the size you need it not listed. We can get many sizes.

  • Accent Rugs Driftwood Runner 2x8 Accent Rugs Driftwood Runner 2x8
    Price: $169.00

    Accent Rugs Driftwood 4x6Accent Rugs Driftwood 4x6
    Price: $169.00

    Accent Rugs Driftwood 5x8Accent Rugs Driftwood 5x8
    Price: $269.00

    Accent Rugs Crochet Floral 4x6Accent Rugs Crochet Floral 4x6
    Price: $169.00

    Accent Rug Ikat Green 2 x 3Accent Rug Ikat Green 2 x 3
    Price: $59.00

    Accent Rugs Decorating Ideas

    One of my favorite things to look at in a decorator’s work is their rug style. I know they do different things in every room but certain decorators are known for certain accent rugs. When Sister Parish decorated the white house for Jackie Kennedy, she used rag rugs for Caroline’s room. The French decorator Madeline Castaing is famous for her animal print rugs, Billy Baldwin is known for his hand loomed simple area rugs. David Hicks was renowned for his small geometric patterned rugs. Whatever your decorating style, accent rugs will add style to your rooms.

    What do you think about when you think about an accent rug? The possibilites are endless. The Metropolitan Museum, The Louvre, The British Museum are filled with a huge variety of beautiful rugs. Fancy auction catalogs are too. But you don’t need anything quite so precious for bathroom rugs, kitchen rugs or indoor outdoor rugs. Accent mats are not just decorative accessories, they are practical things. We’ve tried to offer chic and cheap rugs (relatively speaking.) Rugs are after all something we walk all over.

    There may be as many practical uses for rugs as there are kinds of rugs. In a kitchen, an accent rug keeps spills from spreading all over the floor. Use one under the sink or near the dishwasher. My brother recently asked for accent rugs that he can “swoosh around with his feet.” He’s a bachelor, what can I say? In a bathroom, accent rugs help dry your feet after a shower. They can also add the finishing touch to small powder room.

    Accent Rugs