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Wastebaskets Animal Print

Wastebaskets Animal PrintClick to EnlargeWastebaskets Animal Print

A Wastebasket You’ll Never Throw Away

This animal print wastebasket is loaded with style even when it’s filled with trash. The animal print may look like you brought it back on safari but it's not. Instead it's totally practical and wipes off because the animal print is just screened on to the wastebasket shape. It’s so well done, animal lovers may criticize you until they pick it up. Use it as a bedroom, den or bathroom wastebasket for chic look.

Bottom dimensions - 7" x 12"

If you are looking for a bathroom set, see our matching animal print tissue box cover and animal print slippers.

Wastebasket Animal Print - BlackWastebasket Animal Print - Black
Price: $35.00

Wastebasket Animal Print - Brown Wastebasket Animal Print - Brown
Price: $35.00

Animal Prints As Decorative Home Decor

Why have boring wastebaskets? Make a necessary ordinary wastebasket into a chic decorative home decor accessory. Animal prints are one of our favorite home decor motifs. Decorators love them. They make a wonderful decorative accent. Every home needs a little bit of animal print. This wastebasket is a great way to mix some in. Animal prints are chic for bedroom decor, bathroom decor or desk decor.

Wastebaskets Animal Print