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Unique Shower Curtains

Unique Shower CurtainsClick to EnlargeUnique Shower Curtains

Unique Fabric Shower Curtains You'll Want to Shower With

What a treat when you come across unique bathroom decor! Some of our unique shower curtains are imported from France. No, they are not bath accessories by designers like Yves Saint Laurent or Dior, but they are by talented French designers. Add a pop of color and design whimsy to any bathroom decor with our "Shangri-La" unique shower curtain or transform your bathroom with into the London skylline with our London skyline shower curtain. Need to destress? Our harmony shower curtain is covered with a chic geometric design in calming colors or try the Ashley shower curtain great for making a peaceful environment, this shower curtain has a charming flowery pattern.

The white Orchid floral shower curtains are beautiful and soothing too. Orchids like warm environments so a hot shower seems the perfect place to have an orchid shower curtains. Our coral shower curtains are indeed unique. They are exclusively ours, made right here in the USA by Decorative Things. See our coral decor fabric by the yard and turkish bath towels too.

  • Unique shower curtains. Rocks and Orchid designs are imported from France. We make most of the others ourselves.
  • Button holes at the top allow rings to fit thru. Easy to hang.
  • Machine washable.
  • Our shower curtain hooks are perfect compliments to our unique shower curtains.
  • The rocks and orchid are 72" x 89". Others are standard size, 72 x 72. We can make custom fabric shower curtain sizes to meet your needs.
  • See our other luxury shower curtains too.
  • And our matching fabric shower curtains.

  • Unique Shower Curtains New YorkUnique Shower Curtains New York
    Cotton sateen, 72" x 72", 300-thread count, Machine wash.

    Price: $32.00

    Unique Shower Curtains ParisUnique Shower Curtains Paris
    Cotton sateen, 72" x 72", 300-thread count, Machine wash.

    Price: $32.00

    Unique Shower Curtains LondonUnique Shower Curtains London
    Cotton sateen, 72" x 72", 300-thread count, Machine wash.

    Price: $129.00

    Unique Shower Curtains Citron and GrayUnique Shower Curtains Citron and Gray
    Price: $129.00

    Unique Shower Curtains Shangri LaUnique Shower Curtains Shangri La
    Cotton sateen, 72" x 72", 300-thread count, Machine wash.

    Price: $105.00

    Unique Shower Curtains Aqua MorroccanUnique Shower Curtains Aqua Morroccan
    71" x 71"

    Price: $39.00

    Unique Shower Curtains OrchidUnique Shower Curtains Orchid
    The background is gray though the photo reads white.

    Price: $129.00

    Unique Shower Curtains LinerUnique Shower Curtains Liner
    Price: $24.99

    Unique Shower Curtains MataveriUnique Shower Curtains Mataveri
    Price: $119.99

    Unique Shower Curtains Coral Blue Unique Shower Curtains Coral Blue
    Price: $139.00

    Unique Shower Curtains Coral Yellow  Unique Shower Curtains Coral Yellow
    Price: $139.00

    Unique Shower Curtains Falling LeavesUnique Shower Curtains Falling Leaves
    Price: $129.00

    Unique Shower Curtains Poppy BlackUnique Shower Curtains Poppy Black
    Price: $129.00

    Unique Shower Curtains Lovely VioletUnique Shower Curtains Lovely Violet
    Price: $139.00

    Unique Shower Curtains HarmonyUnique Shower Curtains Harmony
    Price: Regular price: $125.00Sale price: $79.99

    Unique Shower Curtains Floral RedUnique Shower Curtains Floral Red
    Price: $139.00

    Unique Shower Curtains Newberry Stripe LinenUnique Shower Curtains Newberry Stripe Linen
    Price: $159.00

    Unique Shower Curtains Black & White StrandsUnique Shower Curtains Black & White Strands
    Price: $159.00

    Unique Shower Curtains Silver & White StrandsUnique Shower Curtains Silver & White Strands
    Price: $159.00

    Unique Shower Curtains Paddock Shawl PorcelainUnique Shower Curtains Paddock Shawl Porcelain
    Price: $149.00

    Unique Shower Curtains

    You donít see it when you shower, but when you arenít in the shower, itís wonderful to pull one of our unique shower curtains to close the shower off. It sets the mood for a great shower and when youíre not using your shower, it just looks nicer than seeing an empty tub or shower. Rather than just hanging a plain solid shower curtain, our unique shower curtains come in fun designer patterns for a bathroom. Itís not expected.

    Iíve been told that itís ok to hang oil paintings in bathrooms. I once went on a house tour of a major art collector. He had lots of paintings hanging on his bathroom walls, because he simply needed the wall space. If wall space is not an issue or you prefer not to expose paintings and photographs to steam, a unique shower curtain is a practical way to decorate a bathroom.

    The hard materials of bathroom decor are also why itís so nice to have a pretty design on your shower curtain. A fabric shower curtain adds a touch of elegance and softness to the hard tiles, porcelain, marble and steel in a bathroom. Fabric shower curtains are generally much nicer than vinyl and tend to be less mass produced.
    Unique Shower Curtain John Robshaw
    If you like outdoor showers, you can get the feeling of an outdoor shower indoors with our unique shower curtains. The rocks or orchid floral shower curtain will make you feel you are in the middle of an Eastern or Western garden. Itís a hard choice - a modern shower curtain with a zen look or a floral shower curtain. Or if you are a water person, choose one of our coral fabric shower curtains for a touch of Pacific splendor. As a recent article in House Beautiful noted designer shower curtains can really add a splash of interest to a bathroom.

    Unique Shower Curtains