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Small Rug Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom

Small Rug Kitchen Bathroom BedroomClick to EnlargeSmall Rug Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom

Claire Murray Kitchen Rugs

Claire Murray's charming small rugs are multi purpose. Perfect for by the sink or by the "drink" as they sometimes call the ocean on Nantucket. Claire is one of our favorite artists. Her unique designs are the first thing that draws the eye to these small rugs. Claire is famous for her much more expensive gorgeous wool rugs but you can get the look with a lovely but practical washable small rug.

Hand hooked, washable, and practical, they are versatile. A small rug that is totally suitable for bathroom, bedroom or kitchen decor is a smart investment. You can take these small rugs to your beach house in the summer but bring them back to your winter house for year-round kitchen decor that will warm your floor and your heart. Who can resist Claire Murray mermaids?

Small Kitchen Rug WhaleSmall Kitchen Rug Whale
30" x 46"

Price: $99.00

Small Kitchen Rug YorkieSmall Kitchen Rug Yorkie
Price: $139.00

Small Kitchen Rug Jack RussellSmall Kitchen Rug Jack Russell
Price: $139.00

Small Kitchen Rug WestiesSmall Kitchen Rug Westies

Small Kitchen Rug 30x46 Inch Nantucket SceneSmall Kitchen Rug 30x46 Inch Nantucket Scene
Price: $99.00

Small Kitchen Rug 30 Inch Round Snow BoySmall Kitchen Rug 30 Inch Round Snow Boy
Price: $139.00

Small Kitchen Rug 30x46 Inch Bird HousesSmall Kitchen Rug 30x46 Inch Bird Houses
Price: $139.00

Small Kitchen Rug CirclesSmall Kitchen Rug Circles
30" x 46"

Price: $99.00

Kitchen rugs for Decorative Kitchen Decor

Besides being kitchen decor, these charming small rugs are perfect for decorative bedroom decor or bathroom decor too. Here's some decorating ideas for using small rugs as kitchen rugs, bathroom rugs and bedroom rugs.

-Use small rugs as kitchen rugs by the sink for a cozy feeling and to absorb splashes of water.

-When you use small rugs as bathroom rugs, match them to your shower curtain for a coordinated look.

-Choose a small rug that matches your bedding or your slippers for a bedroom rug.

-Pair a small rug in a guest room with travel slippers for a thoughtful surprise.

The many uses of small rugs, or floor mats, make them welcome decorative home accessories.

Our rugs as seen in the Press on House House Beautiful's THE BEST! list, September 2009.
Throw Rug

These were small kitchen rugs that were dhurry rugs inspired by floor patterns and wall tiles of big palaces. For use by the sink or wherever you decree. 100% Cotton Blockprinted Decorative Kitchen Rug or floor mat.

Small Rug Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom