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Round Placemats

Round PlacematsClick to EnlargeRound Placemats

Hard Placemats for Round Tables

What you serve on can be as important as what you serve. The designs on these elegant round placemats are crisp, clear and super chic. The savvy designer has done a fantastic job of picking designs and colors that will go with many dishes. It can be hard to find round placemats at all much less such fabulous ones. There is something fine about these designs. No wonder Bergdorf Goodman also carries them.

  • Set of four wipe off hand crafted round placemats.
  • Hard placemat with laminated cover top.
  • Hard placemats with chic designs from Ikat to Florentine references.
  • Hand screen printed designs protected by 3 coats of a low matte clear finish.
  • Made in the USA.

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  • 4 Round Placemats Fiorentina Green4 Round Placemats Fiorentina Green
    Price: Regular price: $129.00Sale price: $69.99

    4 Round Placemats Ikat Blue4 Round Placemats Ikat Blue
    Price: Regular price: $129.00Sale price: $69.99

    4 Round Placemats Ikat Green4 Round Placemats Ikat Green
    Price: Regular price: $129.00Sale price: $69.99

    4 Round Placemats Dot Fan Green4 Round Placemats Dot Fan Green
    Price: Regular price: $129.00Sale price: $69.99

    4 Round Placemats Fiorentina Chinese Blue4 Round Placemats Fiorentina Chinese Blue
    Price: Regular price: $129.00Sale price: $119.00

    Round Placemats

    your plates will look great. If you are serving the best wine, and delicious food that has been lovingly prepared, why not have the prettiest placemats you can find?

    The writer, Nora Ephron, a dining diva always suggests a round table and says she likes parties of eight for dinner parties. You never knew? Well, itís not too late, you can always get a round wood cover to put over your table to make it round. (Note: if you live in an apartment where closet space is at a premium, you can get a folding table cover which stores folded.)

    Think of our wood hard placemats as little stages for meals. Or, think of each round placemat as a royal throne for dishes. Serve your guests like royalty. Rectangular or round placemats are an easy decorative way to change the mood of your table and freshen up your dining table. Your guests will know you care and you will enjoy the pretty designs too.

    Round Placemats