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Mad Men Style

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Don Drapers Vietnam Memento

If you, or your guy, are mad for Mad Men Style, here's a perfect gift for you both. This reproduction Mad Men Style Lighter has the saying that the Don Draper lighter has in the show. "Sometimes you just have to do things that are just not your bag." Don Draper's zippo lighter played a lot in the first episode when he tried to lose it but it got returned to him. Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

If you want the back story of the lighters, here it is. In Vietnam, almost every soldier carried a custom zippo lighter engraved with their own meaningful slogan. The lighters made it thru the war even when the soldiers did not. They reflect the entire saga of Vietnam. Some of the zippos were about the soldier's lovers, others were about their frustrations, others had humor, sarcasm, the full range of emotions. Each zippo was a personal reflection the soldiers carried with them. Kind of like tattoos are today.

This repro Don Draper zippo lighter is not just Mad Men Style, it's a reminder of a piece of American history. The zippos meant a lot to the soldiers. It's not just the Maidenform bras. the beehive hair styles and Don Draper's suits worn so well by John Hamm that make up Mad Men style. We love the show for being so historically accurate.
  • Zippo lighter. Does not come with lighter fluid.

  • Mad Men Style Zippo LighterMad Men Style Zippo Lighter
    Price: $34.99

    Mad Men Style
    Don Draper Zippo ligher

    Mad Men Style