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Your Kitchen is Your Kingdom

You never know when the Food Network will show up for a close up, so be ready. Make your kitchen decor as inviting as your living room decor. You may live in your kitchen more than your living room anyway especially if your kitchen decor is filled with kitchen accessories you love.

Unique kitchen accents make cooking and dining fun. Big box stores have great selections but after a while they all look the same.

Decorative Kitchen Accessories

DecorativeThings.com does not pretend to offer you everything a cook needs to stock a kitchen, since after all, our niche is decorative accessories for every room of the house. Yet to neglect such an important room would be unpardonable, so we offer you some decorative kitchen accessories that will add a little cheer to the pots and pans in your kitchen decor.

One of my favorite kitchen cookbooks on the subject Plats du Jour, (available above) includes excellent advice from 2 charming experts about what kitchen decor is important but even these experienced cookbook authors describe the hunt for kitchen accessories as a bit daunting:

"We know perfectly well many people live in far from modern homes and are cooking daily with possibly ancient but serviceable weapons. In discussing pots and pans, here the intention is not to revile old equipment but to run over a basic list of utensils for the sake of those who are setting up house for the first time or who need to replenish.

It is always disturbing to be confronted with the listed regalia of kitchen implements, a natural reaction to the disparity between an ideal condition and the existing facts. If one examines the Batterie de Cuisine in L'Art Menagere de la Cuisine Francaise, for instance, a feeling of despair is more likely to take posession of an English woman rather than an immediate resolution to acquire some of the articles mentioned."

We recommend you start with a few choice decorative kitchen accessories to spruce up your kitchen decor.

Speaking of cookbooks, a well stocked kitchen library can be as important as the bookshelf in a study. Even kitchen cookbooks can be part of your kitchen decor. Our Persephone Press Plats du Jour and Kitchen Essays have endpapers that are taken from vintage designs and charming illustrations that are just what you would expect from cookbooks first issued in England in the early 1900's.

Decorative Kitchen Decor Ideas:
One of our favorite things at Decorative Things is to turn ordinary things into decorative things. One of the best rooms of the house to do this in is the kitchen. Here are some of our most fun decorative kitchen decor ideas:

DIY home decor is always fun. Our new Doodle placemats, tablecloths and aprons are reusable decorative kitchen decor. You can draw on them, use them, wash them and doodle all over again. They come with markers and we have more markers should you need them. Kids love them, and they are great party table decor. Your guests or your kids can scribble while you cook up a storm. Hey, Picasso drew on tablecloths, why shouldn't we? It's an artistic tradition.

First cutting boards. Our fantastic Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley glass cutting boards are all time classics. These state of the art, cutting edge, (pardon the pun), decorative kitchen cutting boards make you smile. They are so decorative they can go from kitchen counter to table. Some people leave them on their tables for everyday trivets or organizers.

For the table, our decorative table placemats selection includes wipe off placemats from round placemats to rectangle. We have paper placemats, ikat placemats, faux bois placemats and more. They are all colorful, decorative kitchen decor you can use everyday or parties.

Kitchen rugs are another decorating trick for kitchens. They keep the floor clean but they are also instant decorative kitchen decor. Add a floral kitchen rug or a bamboo mat under your sink and you will not only have to mop less, you will add warmth, color and interest to the room. You can bring the garden inside with our floral rugs, the beach to a winter's day with our shell and fish bamboo mats, or a touch of Paris to your kitchen with our Bonjour mats.

Whether you keep them on the counter, on the table, on the wall, on the floor or in the cabinets, I hope you find our decorative kitchen accessories as useful, delicious and decorative as I do.

Dolce Gabbana did an ad campaign recently featuring Madonna at home. The photo at the left is one of the shots. It shows Madonna doing dishes. The next time you face a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes, why not put on some Madonna tunes and a sexy outfit while doing all those dishes. Can't hurt. Someone might even offer to help. When decorating, decorative kitchen accessories are an easy way to personalize and reinvigorate your kitchen decor without breaking the piggy bank.

Just like your Dolce Gabbana wardrobe, (ok, maybe the Banana Republic version), decorative kitchen decor can give you a lift. If you're like me, you probably spend more time in your kitchen than in your closet so why not turn ordinary kitchen decor, into decorative kitchen decor?

Kitchen Decor