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Plastic Wine Glasses

Plastic Wine GlassesClick to EnlargePlastic Wine Glasses

Sip wine in chic plastic wine glasses

Friends dropping by for cocktails? Have plenty of these very special plastic wine glasses with stems in your bar.

The bubbles in these plastic wine glasses make them look like glass but they are dishwasher safe plastic wine glasses, so when your friends leave, you can too. The idea is for you to have as good a time as your guests. Plastic wine glasses make clean up so much easier. Elegant plastic wine glasses with stems are hard to find.

  • 8.5" tall, holds 11 oz. With stems.
  • Choose from green plastic wine glasses, blue plastic wine glasses or clear plastic wine glasses.
  • Dishwasher safe heavy plastic.
  • Made in France by Biot.

  • Plastic Wine Glasses BluePlastic Wine Glasses Blue
    Price: $25.00

    Plastic Wine Glasses GreenPlastic Wine Glasses Green
    Price: $25.00

    Plastic Wine Glasses ClearPlastic Wine Glasses Clear
    Price: $25.00

    Serving Wine and Champagne in Plastic Wine Glasses

    We were so happy to find plastic wine glasses with stems for home entertaining. According to the very charming Esquire Party Book from 1935 that we found in a vintage book store:

    "One should always serve wine and champagne in stemmed glasses, even if they are plastic wine glasses. Although some distinct sizes and shapes are available for different kinds of wine, you can certainly use a single 8 or 10 ounce plastic wine glass for all table wines. When you fill the plastic wine glasses, fill them only a little bit less full than half full. The classic ritual is to pour a bit of wine in your glass first, just in case the first ounce contains any cork, which provides the ceremony with a reason. If there is a bit of cork, don't continue to fill the glass, remove the cork first or get a fresh glass."

    Things haven't changed much!

    Here are some wine-based cocktails to serve in our plastic wine glasses this summer, adapted from Esquire:

    Death in the Afternoon:

    Pour 1 1/2 ounces of absinthe substitute(Pernod, Oxygene) into a plastic wine glass. Drink 3 to 5 of these slowly; death of the afternoon.

    Arise My Love:

    Put one teaspoon Creme de Menthe in a plastic wine glass, then fill with Champagne.

    Our plastic wine glasses are actually perfect for Champagne since they are so bubbly. When Dom Perignon, a Benedictine, first tasted Champagne, he said, " Oh come quickly, I am drinking stars." Here's to "drinking stars" out of our our plastic wine glasses at your next cocktail party.

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    Read more about Biot, the factory that makes our plastic wine glasses.

    Plastic Wine Glasses