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Play Games with Scrabble Coasters for Double Fun

Drinks, coffee, tea, Scrabble anyone? Even if you like word games, you’ll love these fun coasters. Shuffle the classic Scrabble letters on the coasters, see what letter you get and play word association. C is for coaster. F is for fun, G is for Gin, V is for Vodka…. These fun coasters are sure to be a hit.

The cool, colorful classic graphics on these coasters are delightful for around your bar, on your coffee table, on your game table, or wherever you need beverage coasters. You can play all sorts of party games with fun coasters with letters. Scrabble coasters are particularly useful for breaking the ice at any party or get together. Read below about the history of Scrabble.

  • Looking for Scrabble gifts? These coasters come in a gift box tin.
  • Licensed product.
  • 54 beverage coasters with Scrabble letters. Two full alphabets and 2 blanks.
  • Reverse of coasters have Scrabble bonuses like Triple Word Score or Double Letter Score.
  • LOVE and Alexander Girard fun coasters are a set of 4 acrylic coasters. Licensed from Robert Indiana and Alexander Girard Foundation respectively.

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    Fun Coasters

    The idea of putting Scrabble letters on beverage coasters is inspired. Scrabble is one of those fun games that has a long history. It was invented in 1930 by a British Architect named Alfred Butts. I wish he could have seen our fun coasters and how successful his game has become.

    Butts called the game "Criss-Crosswords." He had created the mix of letters based on a careful analysis of the most frequently used letters. The analysis included input from The New York Times. Clearly there has always been a close connection between the British and American lovers of the game. (We import these fun coasters from a British company.)

    It was a man named James Brunot from Connecticut who bought the rights from Butts in 1948 and launched the game in the US. Butts and his family produced the game in their barn in Connecticut but Scrabble was reportedly not put on the map until Jack Strauss of Macy’s played the game on vacation in 1952 and had so much fun he decided Macy’s should carry it. (I like to think Jack Strauss would have loved our fun coasters.) Anyway, to meet the demand Brunot had to bring in Selchow and Righter, a bigger game company which, like Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley rejected the game originally. The rest, as they say, is history. Scrabble has been a member of the National Toy Hall of fame since 2004. You can tell this story when you use our fun coasters. And good luck on your next Scrabble game.

    Scrabble gifts are always welcome. The percentage of US homes that have a Scrabble game is probably pretty high. It’s now an All-American fun game, even if it was invented by a Brit.

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