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Fire Matches

Fire Matches Click to EnlargeFire Matches

Decorative Tin of Fire Matches by Penhaligons of London

While visiting friends last New Year’s Eve., I discovered a tin of decorative long fire matches around their cozy fireplace. I turned the tin over to see who made them like I do with plates I like. The logo was that of British parfumeur Penhaligons. What a surprise! I knew Pehaligons was famous for their perfumes but I did not know they made fire matches for fireplaces.

Penhaligons has been in business since 1870. Their fire matches tin is decorated with the image of a botanical garden inspired by John Nash's Royal Pavilion in Brighton. Inside you will find 290 orange tipped fire matches that are 11" long matches, ideal for fireplace matches and candle matches. Now you can light things in style without burning your fingers. See our long matches by Caspari too.

  • Penhaligons tin holds approximately 290 fire matches.
  • Each Penhaligons fire match is an 11 inch long match.
  • The silver and crocodile match boxes come with a box of safety matches. Faux croc and silver. Not Penhaligons but tres chic!
  • Use long matches for candle matches, fireplace matches, grilling or camping.
  • Height of tin 12”.

  • Matchbox OrangeMatchbox Orange
    Price: $60.00

    Matchbox BrownMatchbox Brown
    Price: $60.00

    Fire Matches Turtle FrameFire Matches Turtle Frame
    4.75" x 3" Silver frame with glass. Comes with matches.

    Price: $69.99

    Fire Matches Bear FrameFire Matches Bear Frame
    4.75" x 3" Silver frame with glass. Comes with matches.

    Price: $69.99

    Fire Matches from Penhaligons

    The founder of Penhaligons was William Penhaligon. An Englishman living in an age of excess and flamboyance, William was witty, wildly creative and always inspired by the unusual like these fire matches. He dreamed up his first scent in 1872 after inhaling the steam and sulphurous aromas of Turkish baths. At the time, this was a really exotic idea. Penhaligon’s products, like these fire matches, still have the twist of unusual inspiration from a special moment which is what makes these long matches so much fun.

    See our other long matches too. They are decorative matches from Caspari.
    Penhaligon Interior
    Interior View Penhaligon's London

    The Brighton Pavilion in England is depicted on our tin of fire matches.

    Fire Matches