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Fabric for Upholstery Curtains Bedding

Fabric for Upholstery Curtains BeddingClick to EnlargeFabric for Upholstery Curtains Bedding

Good Upholstery Starts with Great Fabric for Upholstery

A lot of decorative home decor starts with inspiration from fabric for Upholstery. As American decorator icon Billy Baldwin once said, "Fabric can create a signature for a room. You can swag it, drape it, tent it!" What's your decorative fabric signature? Baldwin loved crisp cotton fabric for upholstery, curtains and bedding. He's our muse.

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At Decorative Things, our signature decorative fabrics are ikat and suzani but we also love the toile, rooster fabrics, leopard fabrics, beach fabrics, french fabrics and other cotton fabrics we sell. Our decorative fabric for upholstery, curtains, bedding, pillows works for all your home decor decorating needs. We even have outdoor fabrics. For how to measure by the yard see below.

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Rules of Thumb for Measuring Fabric for Upholstery, Curtains, Bedding:
Here's some approximate yardage calculations for how much decorative fabric you will need for upholstery and slipcover projects using non-directional (no repeat or solid fabrics).

To upholster or slipcover a large sofa with decorative fabrics: 10-14 yards of 54" wide decorative fabric or 16 to 20 yards of 45" wide decorative fabric.

To upholster or slipcover a small sofa: 6 to 8 yards of 60" wide decorative fabrics or 10 to 12 yards of 45" wide decorative fabrics.

To drape a small table: 5 to 6 yards of 60" wide decorative fabric or 6 to 8 yards of 45" decorative fabric.

To upholster a standard size armchair: 4 to 6 yards of 60" wide decorative fabric or 8 to 10 yards of 45" wide decorative fabric.

To cover a dining room chair: 3 yards of either 45" wide decorative fabrics or 60" wide decorative fabric.

To upholster an ottoman: 2 yards of either 45" or 60" wide decorative fabrics.

For 110" wide decorative fabrics, you need a little more than half the fabric estimates for 60" wide decorative fabric.

More Resources for How to Measure Decorative Fabrics for Upholstery, Curtains,Bedding & Other Home Decor Projects:
Here's a resource for measuring how much fabric you need for window treatments, upholstery or slip covers.

Here's a furniture upholstery chart for measuring how much fabric for upholstery you need for a sofa, a couch or a chair.

For making curtain panels, we usually figure at least double the width of the window as a minimum for how wide to do the panels and up to 3 times the width of the window maximum. So if your window is 6 feet, we would suggest at least 12 feet (4 yards) of fabric and up to 18(6 yards)feet if you want to be generous.

If you are making curtains, here's how to calculate how much fabric for curtains you will need.

Here's a page that shows how to calculate how to measure fabric for sofa upholstering .

Decorating with Fabric for Upholstery Curtains Bedding:
When using fabric for upholstery curtains, bedding, some experts say more is more. Here's what some of them say.

"Have you ever noticed that when you're using printed fabric in any room, the more of it you use, the better it looks? In my very first bedroom, I covered the bed and hung the windows in a red-and-white toile de Jouy linen. It was not that interesting, and after a while, I decided to cover the walls and all the furniture in the same fabric. This transformed the room immediately and made it quite cozy and intimate." -Rose Tarlow,The Private House.

According to the editors of the much-loved, now gone, Domino Magazine, "A foolproof way to pull together a room is to match curtains to the chair upholstery or...to a tablecloth. It's old-fashioned and straightforward, but it's cute and it works. In terms of volume, curtains should be full not skimpy. A no-fail fabric formula for generous coverage is to order at least one and a half to two times the width of the window."

Decorative Fabrics for Upholstery
At Decorative Things, we've tried to capture some of the "magic of materials" that Billy Baldwin talks about above by offering cotton fabrics that are a touch unusual. All of our decorative fabric by the yard is brand new but every one of our decorative fabrics has a history.

We try to offer decorative fabric for upholstery, curtains and bedding online that you might not find in your local fabric store. Let us be your online fabric store, whether you have a decorator or you do your own decorating for home decor. We can special order fabric for upholstery for you. Make all your decorative fabrics comfortable decorator fabrics, whether they are for upholstery, drapes, curtains, pillows or slipcovers. Baldwin also said, "Comfort is perhaps the best luxury."

Read Wikipedia's entry for textiles. It tells a lot about the history of decorative fabrics.

Fabric for Upholstery Curtains Bedding