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Eyeglass Holder

Eyeglass HolderClick to EnlargeEyeglass Holder

Never Lose Your Glasses Again

Think Tina Fey, Le Corbusier, I.M. Pei, Jackie O, Groucho Marx.... eyeglasses were, or are, part of their trademark style. A decorative eyeglass holder is a home decor accessory that should reflect your style and hold your trademark eyeglasses,

A decorative eyeglass holder is one of our favorite decorative accessories. Who can resist the wish to never lose your eyeglasses again? Think of the time you can save. An eyeglass holder makes a great gift for women, men or even kids. Pick the style that catches your fancy.

We've got a collection of eyeglass holders that range from tailored to feminine. There should be an eyeglass holder style to fit your decorating theme. Every pair of eyeglasses deserves a home. Or is that every home deserves an eyeglass holder.

  • Waterproof plastic eyeglass holder. 7" x 3"
  • Great for by the sink, by the bed, on your desk, wherever you take your eyeglasses off most.

  • Eyeglass Holder Polka DotsEyeglass Holder Polka Dots
    Price: $20.00

    Eyeglass Holder Trellis CoralEyeglass Holder Trellis Coral
    Price: $20.00

    Eyeglass Holder Trellis GreenEyeglass Holder Trellis Green
    Price: $20.00

    Eyeglass Holder RosesEyeglass Holder Roses
    Price: $14.99

    Eyeglass Holder Blue ButterflyEyeglass Holder Blue Butterfly
    Price: $14.99

    Eyeglass Holder ShellsEyeglass Holder Shells
    Price: $14.99

    Eyeglass Holder PalmsEyeglass Holder Palms
    Price: $14.99

    Decorative Ideas: A Decorative Eyeglass Holder

    Eyeglass holders make your eyeglasses easier to spot. And help you keep track of your eyeglasses whether they are readers, distance glasses or sunglasses.

    Our eyeglass holders are completely waterproof so they're perfect decorative accessories to use by a bathroom or kitchen sink. Pick the eyeglass holder that goes with your room decor style. In your decorating, are you more a Dorothy Draper cabbage rose person or a Billy Baldwin ticking stripe person? Chances are we've got an eyeglass holder that will work for you.

    Your eyeglasses reflect your personality and so do your eyeglass holders. A floral eyeglass holder is a great choice for gardeners. At the beach house, a beach theme eyeglass holder is perfect for beach lovers.

    An eyeglass holder or eyeglass tray makes a useful and unique decorative accent to put in a guest room or on a desk.

    Your house guests will appreciate having an eyeglass holder by the bed. We always ask our customers how they heard about us and in the case of eyeglass trays, it's often because they had a thoughtful hostess who placed one in their guest bedroom.
    A designated place for eyelgasses really helps. Once you have an eyeglass holder, you won't have to roam around the house looking for your eyeglasses anymore. Maybe you will want to use an eyeglass holder for your keys and your cell phone too.

    Basically these little eyeglass trays hold everything even though they were designed with eyeglasses in mind. An eyeglass holder can be used for paperclips on your desk, cufflinks on your dresser, earrings by your bed, etc. But chances are you will want your eyeglass holder to hold your eyeglasses.

    Whatever your eyeglass holder style is, stylish eyeglass holders or eyeglass trays are must have eyeglass accessories. If your style is more minimal and you are of the less is more school of thought, choose a bright color solid eyeglass holder. If you prefer home decor that is more decorative with a few frills, try a more ornate eyeglass holder.

    There are so many advantages to using an eyeglass holder. For example, when you have an eyeglass holder. you don't have to put your glasses on the towel bar when you take a shower or wash your face. Our print plastic eyeglass holders are waterproof so they are perfect to use by the sink.

    Eyeglass Holder