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Eyeglass Chain

Eyeglass ChainClick to EnlargeEyeglass Chain

Hold your glasses with a chic eyeglass chain

This eyeglass chain oozes chic. Leather that looks like Hermes, a simple design that looks like Chanel and it looks like it could be an eyeglass necklace from Tiffany if they sold eyeglass necklaces. Itís so nice to find something so useful that is also so decorative. We love finding things that turn ordinary things into decorative things. Never lose your glasses again AND look great!

  • Available in Silver or Gold so you can wear with any jewelry.
  • Magnet closure to itís easy to put on.
  • Can be worn by men or women.
  • Leather chain in great colors.

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  • Price: $40.00
    Eyeglass Chain Orange / SilverEyeglass Chain Orange / Silver

    Eyeglass Chain Brown / SilverEyeglass Chain Brown / Silver

    Inspiration for our Eyeglass Chain:

    Decorative Things has sold eyeglass trays for years and weíve been looking for an eyeglass chain to fall in love with. And low and behold, we found it and it was love at first sight. No puns intended. Whatever your eyesight is, we think youíll see how great this eyeglass chain is too.

    Itís made in the USA by a very thoughtful and smart jewelry designer. She has thought of everything an eyeglass chain should be. This eyeglass chain has it all. Itís a unique decorative design. Itís available in silver or gold so it will go with your other jewelry, and it has a metal magnet closure so itís super easy to fasten behind your neck. The leather makes it wearable by men or women. (Guys lose their eyeglasses as much as gals and usually eyeglass chains are so feminine.) This eyeglass chain is just perfect for everyone who wears glasses. It makes life so much easier. Never lose your glasses again and look great!

    Eyeglass Chain